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iSN-104 – 4-channel Liquid Leak Detection Module

10/09/2022 Sản phẩm mới
The iSN-104 Liquid Leak Detection Module is a low-cost intelligent liquid leak detection device that can be used to directly control triggers and audible alarm

iKAN Industrial Modbus LED Display

10/09/2022 Sản phẩm mới
The iKAN series is a family of industrial high brightness Modbus LED display devices that deliver industrial-grade anti-noise capabilities as well as reliability and stability....

ECAT-2517 – 8-port EtherCAT Junction Slave Module

10/09/2022 Sản phẩm mới
ECAT-2517 is 1-to-7 port EtherCAT junction slave. It is designed to implement wiring deployment by daisy chain and branch more flexibly and easy to maintain.

New Product Release: iSN-201-E/iSN-201-WF

16/03/2020 Sản phẩm mới
Illuminance, Temperature and Humidity Sensor Module   Introduction: The iSN-201 series modules can be used for measuring indoor illumination, temperature and humidity. A wide range...

New Product Release: PM-3133-RCT500P-CPS

16/03/2020 Sản phẩm mới
3 Phase Smart CANopen Meter with Rogowski Coil CT The CANopen is a kind of network protocols evolving from CAN (Controller Area Network) bus, it...

New Product Release: LC-103H

16/03/2020 Sản phẩm mới
3-channel Lighting Control with High Power Relay Output and 1-channel AC Digital Input Module   Introduction: The LC-103H is an easy-to-use lighting control module that...

New Product Release: LC-223H

16/03/2020 Sản phẩm mới
1-channel Dimmer Control with High Power Relay Output and 2-channel Dry Contact Input Module   Introduction: The LC-223H is an easy-to-use dimming ballast control module...

New Product Release: SG-3227

16/03/2020 Sản phẩm mới
2-channel IEPE Signal Conditioner Introduction: SG-3227 is a 2-channel IEPE signal conditioner. It has 2mA/4mA/6mA/10mA excitation current for sensors with integrated amplifiers. It features three...

New Product Release: ECAT-2610-DW

16/03/2020 Sản phẩm mới
EtherCAT to Modbus RTU and Power Meter Gateway   Introduction: ECAT-2610-DW has EtherCAT to Modbus RTU gateway function, and can be integrated with smart meter...

New Product Release: ECAT-2092T

15/03/2020 Sản phẩm mới
EtherCAT Slave: High-Speed Two Channel Incremental Encoder Counter Introduction: The EtherCAT slave ECAT-2092T is an incremental encoder counter which provides two independent high-speed counter channels....