Bo mạch I/O kết nối máy tính (PC Boards)

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Bo mạch I/O kết nối máy tính (PC Boards), More than 200 PC boards are offered for data acquisition, motion control and industrial communication. Most of them are supplied with reliable Windows and Linux drivers, and demo programs with source code.

DAQ Boards

The DAQ boards offer a wide range of combinations of Digital and Analog channels. They offer plug and play installation on most Windows PC’s and Linux drivers are also available for most.

Communication Boards

The communication boards are designed for high-performance connection of field devices in harsh environments.

Motion Control Boards

The PC-based motion control boards are provided for fast implementing precision motion control and automation functions to meet varying needs of your applications.

Watchdog Board

Watchdog board provides watchdog timer and temperature sensor for detecting and recovering from computer malfunctions.