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Founded in 1998, InduSoft offers a powerful family of industrial software products for developing.

Windows®-based applications in process supervision, automation and control.

Web site : http://www.indusoft.com/

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DASYLab–the Easy-to-Use Software

It has always been our challenge to make DASYLab easy-to-use – now you have a chance to find out whether we’ve succeeded. Even most sophisticated acquisition and control tasks can be solved with DASYLab quickly and without any additional programming. Simply insert the appropriate module symbols into the worksheet and connect them by wires – all this with no more than a few mouse clicks. The module symbols represent inputs or outputs, display instruments or any of the many operations provided by the program; the data channels represent the signal flow.

Web-site : http://www.dasylab.net/

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ISaGRAF is a control software environment that enables you to create local or distributed control systems. It offers a combination of a highly portable and robust control engine (Virtual Machine) and an intuitive application development environment (Workbench).

Web site : http://www.isagraf.com/

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SoftPLC Corporation is a Texas company, founded in 1983, that manufactures factory automation control software and hardware solutions. Their SoftPLC? products are programmable logic control at its finest — reliable, deterministic, and real-time control that combines the discrete & analog I/O control found in “hard-PLC’s” with the powerful data handling, networking, and open architecture features of computers.

Web site : http://www.softplc.com/

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AdAstra Research Group, Ltd is the Russia’s no. 1 real time software vendor. The firm main brand TRACE MODE is the Russia’s best selling integrated SCADA/HMI and SOFTLOGIC system. The TRACE MODE has been created in 1992 and now has more than 10 000 installations worldwide.

Web site : http://www.tracemode.ru/

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he Kingview group is engaged in the high technique of development, produce, promotion in that scope of industrial automation, and is the most popular sofar in China. After nearly nine thousands application on much scope of iron and steel, chemical, electricity, water treatment industry…etc., the Kingview series products is applied in the industry of national defence and aerospace.

Web site : http://www.kingview.com/

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MCGS(Monitor and Control Generated System) is based on Microdoft Windows operration platform. Application for MCGS range from data acquisition, motion control, alarm and security system to high speed, high reliability tasks.

Web site : http://www.mcgs.com.cn/