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3 Phase Smart CANopen Meter with Rogowski Coil CT

The CANopen is a kind of network protocols evolving from CAN (Controller Area Network) bus, it was used on car control system in early days, and has been greatly used in various applications, such as vehicles, industrial machine, building automation, medical devices, maritime application, restaurant appliance, laboratory equipment and research. The PM-3133-RCT500P-CPS provides the error process mechanisms and message priority concepts. These features can improve the network reliability and transmission efficiency. Furthermore, CAN supplies the multi-master capabilities, and is especially suitable for networking “intelligent” devices as well as sensors and actuators within a system or sub-system.

ICP DAS brings the most powerful, cost-effective, advanced Smart Power Meters PM-3133-RCT500P-CPS that gives you access to real-time electric usage for three-phase power measurement. With its high accuracy (<2%, PF=1; Input Current >50 A), this series can be used in both low voltage primary side and medium/high voltage secondary side and enables the users to obtain reliable and accurate energy consumption readings from the monitored equipment in real time under operation. These compact size and cost-effective power meters monitoring equipment with Rogowski Coil CT is “rope-style” Current Transformer which delivers “Easy Installation” features for large window size (55 ~ 105 mm) and mechanical flexibility for tight space.

It operates over a wide range of input voltages 10 to 500 VAC which allows universal compatibility. Also, with 2 channels relay outputs, it can be linked with sirens or lightings for alarm messages.

It also provides the CANopen interface for users to easily gather the real-time power consumption information in their CANopen applications. User can use CANopen PDO event time feature to response messages at regular intervals automatically. It makes the communication more efficient when collecting a lot of remote power information. In addition, the PM-3033-CPS also owns the arbitration mechanism which can avoid data collision and error detection.

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Model Name
Wiring 1P2W-2CT 1P4W-4CT 3P4W-3CT, 3P3W-2CT, 3P3W-3CT, 1P2W-1CT, 1P3W-2CT
Input Voltage 10 to 300 V 10 to 300 V 10 to 500 V 10 to 500 V
Input Current CT Φ10 mm (60 A),
CT Φ16 mm (100 A),
CT Φ24mm (200 A)
CTØ10 mm (60 A);
CTØ16 mm (100 A);
CTØ24 mm (200 A);
CTØ36 mm (300 A);
CTØ36 mm (400 A)
1A or 5A

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