iSN-104 – 4-channel Liquid Leak Detection Module

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The iSN-104 Liquid Leak Detection Module is a low-cost intelligent liquid leak detection device that can be used to directly control triggers and audible alarm. No additional conversion module is needed and the iSN-104 can be easily integrated with a variety of monitoring systems to achieve remote alarm and remote device control. The iSN-104 Liquid Leak Detection module can be used to monitor double-core leader cable lengths of up to 500 meters, and can be used with both the extended cable and its included liquid leak detection cable. The module can be easily integrated with other collection hosts connected to the network. The iSN-104 is suitable for real-time leak detection in critical locations, such as computer room base stations, warehouses, libraries, museums and industrial sites, and also for air handling equipment, refrigeration units, liquid containers, or pump tanks, etc., where there is a need to monitor any leakage of the equipment.
When required, communication with the iSN-104 can be programmed based on the Modbus RTU protocol, with the added benefit that different addresses can be configured via hardware to allow for Modbus RTU communication.


  • 4-ch Liquid Leak Detection
  • Liquid Leakage and cable break detection triggers and audible alarm
  • A mute switch to silence the audible alarm
  • Five LED indicators to display the status of the power and the alarm
  • Liquid Leak Detection Cable and Leader Cable can be up to 500 meters
  • Sensitivity adjustable
  • Supports the DCON and the Modbus RTU Protocols


  • Server room
  • Warehouse
  • Library
  • Industrial location
  • Air conditioning equipment
  • Refrigeration equipment

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