Module I/O Ethernet Modbus TCP ET-7000 ICP DAS

The ET-7×00/PET-7×00, a web-based Ethernet I/O module, features a Built-in web server which allows configuration, I/O monitoring and I/O control by simply using a regular web browser. Remote control is as easy as surfing the Internet.

Besides Web HMI function, no more programming or HTML skills are required; creating dynamic and attractive web pages for I/O monitoring and I/O control would be fun to engineers ever after. The ET-7×00/PET-7×00 offers easy and safe access for users from anytime and anywhere! In addition, the ET-7×00/PET-7×00 also supports Modbus TCP protocol that makes perfect integration to SCADA software.

Furthermore, PET-7×00 features “PoE” that not only Ethernet but also power is carried through an Ethernet cable. This feature makes installation of PET-7×00 a piece of cake. Imagine that no more unnecessary wires, only an Ethernet cable takes care of everything in the field.