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Central Monitoring – For All Series

The central monitoring/control system of ICP DAS building automation provides more than 200 commonly used protocols for communication and interfaces for data exchange. With the help of InduSoft IWS SCADA software, it provides total solutions and sample references to simplify operations such as: read/write interfaces (UART, TCP, UDP) from the lower-layered communication ports commonly used in industrial/power control, trigger the connected devices via interfaces (.Net components, Dynamic-link library…) to access data stored in general database (MS SQL Server, Oracle, etc.) and operations related to Web Service information exchange. The system integrators can implement projects with ease and flexibility.
Software Solution
InduSoft Web Studio SCADA/HMI Development Software
Hardware Solution
TouchPAD Series
TPD 2.8″/4.3″/7″ HMI Device TPD-280-H, TPD-283-H, TPD-430-H, TPD-433-H, TPD-703…
VPD 3.5″/4.3″/7″ HMI Device VPD-130-H, VPD-132, VPD-133-H, VPD-142-H, VPD-143-H,
XV-Board DIO, Relay Output, Multi-Function Expansion Card
LC Series
Lighting Control Module LC-101, LC-103, LC-305
Dimmer Control Module LC-221, LC-223
RS-485 Active Hub LC-485
Security Module LC-131
SC Series
Smart Control Module SC-4102-W5, SC-4104-W1, SC-6104-W5 (FCU)
DALI Series
RS-232/RS-485/USB to DALI Gateway DGW-521
ZigBee Series
Wireless ZigBee Converter ZT-2550, ZT-2570, ZT-USBC, ZT-CHK…
Wireless ZigBee I/O Module ZT-2042, ZT-2053, ZT-2060, ZT-2055…
Wireless ZigBee Pair-connection ZT-2053-IOG, ZT-2055-IOG, ZT-2060-IOG…
IR Series
IR Learning Remote Module IR-210, IR-712A, IR-712-MTCP
IR Controlled Power Relay Module IR-310-RM
ACS Series
Access Control Reader with Proximity Card and Keypad ACS-11-MF, ACS-11P-MF
Access Control Reader with Proximity Card ACS-10V-MF, ACS-10VP-MF
Power Series
PMC Power Meter Concentrator PMC-5151
PMD Power Meter Concentrator (with Touch Panel) PMD-4201 (10.4″), PMD-2201 (7″)
PM Smart Power Meter (Single Phase) PM-3033, PM-3112, PM-3114 Series
PM Smart Power Meter (3 Phase) PM-3133, PM-4324 Series
PIR Series
PIR Motion, Temperature Module PIR-130-AC, PIR-130-DC
DL Series
Temperature/Humidity Data Logger DL-100T485(-W), DL-100TM485(-W) …
CO/CO2/Temperature/Humidity/HCHO DL-301, DL-302, DL-303, DL-307
CO2/Temperature/Humidity/PM2.5 CL-211, CL-212, CL-213
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