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Building Automation & Home Automation Solutions – Smart Building, Smart Home

With the advance of the electronic technology and network communication technology, and with a variety of embedded applications and applications of Internet of Things getting involved, the Smart Building / Smart Home is getting more and more popular. ICP DAS, as a pioneer in the field of embedded control, has accumulated extended experiences from embedded industrial control to applications in all areas. Thus is able to provide total solutions for a variety of embedded applications. For Smart Building / Smart Home projects, they can be divided into several sub-systems such as lighting, air conditioning, security, electricity, fire protection, mechanical & electrical devices and center control & monitoring systems.

Software Solution
InduSoft Web Studio SCADA/HMI Development Software
Hardware Solution
TouchPAD Series
TPD 2.8″/4.3″/7″ HMI Device TPD-280-H, TPD-283-H, TPD-430-H, TPD-433-H, TPD-703…
VPD 3.5″/4.3″/7″ HMI Device VPD-130-H, VPD-132, VPD-133-H, VPD-142-H, VPD-143-H,
XV-Board DIO, Relay Output, Multi-Function Expansion Card
LC Series
Lighting Control Module LC-101, LC-103, LC-305
Dimmer Control Module LC-221, LC-223
RS-485 Active Hub LC-485
Security Module LC-131
SC Series
Smart Control Module SC-4102-W5, SC-4104-W1, SC-6104-W5 (FCU)
DALI Series
RS-232/RS-485/USB to DALI Gateway DGW-521
ZigBee Series
Wireless ZigBee Converter ZT-2550, ZT-2570, ZT-USBC, ZT-CHK…
Wireless ZigBee I/O Module ZT-2042, ZT-2053, ZT-2060, ZT-2055…
Wireless ZigBee Pair-connection ZT-2053-IOG, ZT-2055-IOG, ZT-2060-IOG…
IR Series
IR Learning Remote Module IR-210, IR-712A, IR-712-MTCP
IR Controlled Power Relay Module IR-310-RM
ACS Series
Access Control Reader with Proximity Card and Keypad ACS-11-MF, ACS-11P-MF
Access Control Reader with Proximity Card ACS-10V-MF, ACS-10VP-MF
Power Series
PMC Power Meter Concentrator PMC-5151
PMD Power Meter Concentrator (with Touch Panel) PMD-4201 (10.4″), PMD-2201 (7″)
PM Smart Power Meter (Single Phase) PM-3033, PM-3112, PM-3114 Series
PM Smart Power Meter (3 Phase) PM-3133, PM-4324 Series
PIR Series
PIR Motion, Temperature Module PIR-130-AC, PIR-130-DC
DL Series
Temperature/Humidity Data Logger DL-100T485(-W), DL-100TM485(-W) …
CO/CO2/Temperature/Humidity/HCHO DL-301, DL-302, DL-303, DL-307
CO2/Temperature/Humidity/PM2.5 CL-211, CL-212, CL-213
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