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Bộ nhận hiệu vị trí cục bộ ICP DAS WLS-RS300 CR

Wireless Locating System Receiver (RoHs)

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Model: WLS-RS300 CR
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Bộ nhận hiệu vị trí cục bộ ICP DAS WLS-RS300 CR

WLS-RS300 is a 2.4GHz wireless receiver, it is mainly installed in fixed position to receive the 2.4GHz wireless location data of WLS-T01, WLS-T02 and WLS-T11 broadcast. In the other hand, WLS-RS300 is also a wireless converter (called Router) from 2.4GHz to 400MHz. it can effectively use 400MHz high transmittance characteristics to extend the wireless transmission distance, and don’t need add wire between the communication paths. The WLS software in the PC can use transparent function of RFU-400 to poll the wireless location data of WLS-RS300, and then calculate the relative position by the algorithm. The user can simply use the DIP switch and rotation switch to configure the parameter, and don’t need to add wire between the communication paths. It very suitable for use in item tracking, personnel movements, factory regional management and other applications.

Alarm and Event
Alarm Triggers Min. 85dBA(Typical 92)@10cm
LED Indicators
Status 1 x Power
1 x 400MHz Transmitted status
1 x 2.4GHz Received status
Temperature Measurement
Range 0°C ~ +50°C
Resolution 0.1°C
Accuracy ±0.6°C
Humidity Measurement
Range 0.1% RH
Resolution ±5% RH
Accuracy 0 ~100% RH
Antenna 2.4GHz:2.4GHz – 3dBi PCB directional antenna
400MHz:429MHz – 5dBi PCB directional antenna
Channels 16
Frequency Band 2.4GHz: 2.4GHz
400MHz: Channel 0~9- 429.8125 MHz to 429.9250 MHz;
Channel A~F- 429.1750 MHz to 429.2375 MHz
Modulation 2.4GHz:OQPSK (Offset Quadrature Phase-shift Keying)
Spread Spectrum 2.4GHz:DSSS (Direct-Sequence Spread Spectrum)
Transmission Power 2.4GHz:16±1dBm (Default) / 17dBm (Max.)
400MHz:19dBm (Default / Max.)
No. of Nodes 2.4GHz:90 (Max., Tag Tx interval is 3 seconds)
Transmission Distance (LoS) 2.4GHz:100m (Default)
Relay Output
Channels 1 (SPDT, Form C)
Input Range 100 VAC ~ 240VAC
Consumption 5 W Max.
Dimensions (mm) Ø150 x 53 (Ø x H)
Installation Ceiling /surface mounted
Operating Temperature 0°C ~ +50°C
Storage Temperature -30°C ~ +75°C
Humidity 10 ~ 90% RH(Non-condensing)
WLS-RS300     CR  Ceiling Mounting Type Wireless Locating System Receiver with Alarm, Relay and T&H Sensor (Asia Only) (RoHS)