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Bộ lập trình nhúng IoT (IIoT Edge Controller) kết nối LTE (4G) ICP DAS WISE-5231M-4GE CR

IIoT Edge Controller (Support 4G Wireless data communication)

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Model: WISE-5231M-4GE CR
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Bộ lập trình nhúng IoT (IIoT Edge Controller) kết nối LTE (4G) ICP DAS WISE-5236M-4GE CR

WISE (Web Inside, Smart Engine) is a product series developed by ICP DAS that functions as control units for use in remote logic control and monitoring in various industrial applications. WISE offers a user-friendly and intuitive web site interface that allows users to implement IF-THEN-ELSE control logic on controllers just a few clicks away; no programming is required. With the built-in IF-THEN-ELSE logic engine, WISE can execute the automation logic in a stable and efficient way, and it also provides mathematic operation, Schedule and Email alarm message sending functions. WISE provides more supports in I/O module connection, I/O data logging and IoT platform integration. It allows connection to XV-board, DCON I/O modules, and Modbus TCP/RTU Slave modules all together. The wide range of selection options enables flexibility in I/O module integration to meet the requirements from various applications. WISE provides the MQTT client, it can directly connect to the major public IoT Cloud platform (such as: Microsoft Azure or IBM Bluemix) and MQTT Broker. WISE also provide well thought-out CGI command functions to integrate with IP camera for the Access Control applications. Based on the ability as I/O module connection ability, Intelligent logic control, Data logging, and various communication protocols supported (SNMP, MQTT and Modbus TCP/RTU), WISE can help the IT/MIS/MES/SCADA system to manage the field side I/O modules and sensors efficiently in the application such as Unmanned Facility Room Monitoring, Intelligent Factory and Environment Monitoring. WISE is not just a Concentrator of I/O modules and Sensors; it is also a Gateway to transfer the sensor data to IoT Cloud platform. All of these make WISE the best choice in the IoT Age.

Building Automation, Factory Automation, Machine Automation, Remote Maintenance, Remote diagnosis and Testing Equipment, etc.

CPU 32-bit ARM CPU
microSD Expansion Built-in one 4 GB microSD card (support up to 32 GB microSDHC card)
Ethernet RJ-45 x 1, 10/100/1000 Base-TX (Auto-negotiating, Auto MDI/MDI-X)
COM 2 RS-232 (TxD, RxD, GND), non-isolated, Speed: 115200 bps max.
COM 3 / COM 4 RS-485 (Data+, Data-), Speed: 115200 bps max. COM 4 provides 2500 VDC isolation
LED Indicators
Indicators Power/Run LED (Green, Red), 4G LED (Green), L1 (Green), L2 (Green)
I/O Module Support
Local I/O Module Yes, one XV-board
Remote I/O Module COM3 can connect to Max. 16 DCON or Modbus RTU Slave modules
COM4 can connect to Max. 16 DCON or Modbus RTU Slave modules
LAN interface can connect to Max. 16 Modbus TCP Slave modules
Power Requirements
Input Range 12 to 48 VDC
Power Consumption 6.5 W
(W x L x H)
117 mm x 126 mm x 58 mm / Wall Mounting Installation / DIN-Rail Installation
Temperature/Humidity Operating Temperature: -25 °C to +75 °C
Storage Temperature: -40 °C to +80 °C
10 to 90% RH, Non-condensing
3G System
Frequency Band 4GE : WCDMA 850/900/2100 MHz
4GC : WCDMA 900/2100 MHz; TD-SCDMA 1900/2100 MHz; CDMA2000 (BC0) 800 MHz
4G System
Frequency Band 4GE : FDD LTE: B1/B3/B5/B7/B8/B20 MHz
4GC : FDD LTE: B1/B3/B8 MHz; TDD LTE: B38/B39/B40/B41 MHz
Function Description
User-friendly and intuitive web site interface Browser Interface
  • Runs on browsers, no extra software tool is required.
  • No more programming, Web pages provided for control logic editing and system parameters setting.
Various options for easy I/O module integration Local side I/O Interface
  • Support XV-board.
    (XV107, XV107A, XV110, XV111, XV111A, XV116, XV306, XV307, XV308, XV310)
Remote side I/O Interface (RS-485)
  • Support ICP DAS I-7000/M-7000/tM/DL/LC/SC/IR series module.
  • Support Modbus RTU Slave module.
Remote side I/O Interface (Ethernet)
  • Support ICP DAS WISE-7100/(P)ET-7000/WF-2000 series module.
  • Support Modbus TCP Slave module.
Intelligent Logic operation and data logger ability at field sites IF-THEN-ELSE Logic operation
  • Provide IF-THEN-ELSE logic rule editing, and the ability for IF-THEN-ELSE logic rules execution.
I/O channel monitoring and control
  • Offers various options for I/O channel settings; for example: deadband setting for AI signals, linear scale setting, temperature degree in Celsius or Fahrenheit setting, power on value setting for DO channel, pulse output setting and DI counter setting, etc.
  • Perform the timing function. The status of Timer can be included in IF condition statements to trigger the THEN/ELSE actions.
  • Perform the prescheduled routine tasks. The status of Schedule can be included in IF condition statements to trigger the THEN/ELSE actions. “Calendar” and “Weekly repeat” schedule setting UI are provided.
Realtime message sending function
  • Support Line, Messenger, SMS and Email real-time message sending.
CGI Command
  • Perform CGI command sending and receiving functions. The content of CGI command receiving can be used in IF condition statements to trigger the THEN/ELSE actions.
Data Logger
  • Perform Data Logger function to real-time record the I/O channel data of the controller by Period or Event Trigger operation.
Internal Register
  • Work as a variable to hold the temporary value, and provide the basic mathematical operation.
Various protocols for seamless integration with SCADA/MIS/MES/IT/Network Management systems Real-Time I/O channel data
  • Support Modbus TCP/RTU protocol for SCADA system.
  • Support SNMP and MQTT protocols for the integration with MIS/MES/IT/Network Management systems.
  • CGI Command sending and receiving function supported for the integration with IP Camera and Network devices.
  • Active I/O sending mechanism supported.
Historical I/O channel data files
  • FTP Server/Client ability for the maintenance of data logger files and the data logger files automatically send back operation.
  • Provide data recovery mechanism so that when experiences network disconnection, the data log files will be kept in WISE, and be recovered after the network is resumed.
  • Provide alarm notification mechanism so that when microSD card is damaged, the data log file will be stored in WISE to ensure zero data loss of the data logger.
Communication Service
  • DDNS (Dynamic DNS) service supported.
  • Support 4G Wireless data communication.
IoT Gateway Capability
  • Connection with Microsoft Azure and IBM Bluemix IoT Cloud platform.
  • Connection with ICP DAS IoTstar IoT Cloud Management Software.
I/O Type Functions Modules
I-7000 Remote I/O Module AI/AO Voltage & Current I-7012, I-7012D, I-7012F, I-7012FD, I-7017, I-7017F,
I-7017R, I-7017C, I-7017FC, I-7017RC, I-7017R-A5,
Thermocouple I-7011, I-7011D, I-7011P, I-7011PD, I-7018, I-7018BL,
I-7018P, I-7018R, I-7018Z, I-7019R
RTD I-7013, I-7013D, I-7015, I-7015P, I-7033, I-7033D
Thermistor I-7005
Transmitter I-7014D
Strain Gauge I-7016, I-7016D, I-7016P, I-7016PD
Analog Output I-7021, I-7021P, I-7022, I-7024, I-7024R
DI/DO DC Digital Input I-7041, I-7041D, I-7041P, I-7041PD, I-7051, I-7051D,
I-7052, I-7052D, I-7053_FG, I-7053D_FG
AC Digital Input I-7058, I-7058D, I-7059, I-7059D
DC Digital Output I-7042, I-7042D, I-7043, I-7043D, I-7045, I-7045D,
I-7045-NPN, I-7045D-NPN
DC Digital Input & Output I-7044, I-7044D, I-7050, I-7050D, I-7050A, I-7050AD,
I-7055, I-7055D, I-7055-NPN, I-7055D-NPN
Relay Output Power Relay Output I-7060, I-7060D, I-7061, I-7061D, I-7063, I-7063D,
I-7065, I-7065D, I-7067, I-7067D
Solid State Relay Output I-7063A, I-7063AD, I-7063B, I-7063BD, I-7065A,
I-7065AD, I-7065B, I-7065BD
Photomos Relay Output I-7066, I-7066D
Others Counter/Frequency I-7080, I-7080D, I-7080B, I-7080BD, I-7088
M-7000 Remote I/O Module AI/AO Voltage & Current M-7017, M-7017C, M-7017R, M-7017R-A5,
M-7017RC, M-7017Z
Thermocouple M-7011, M-7018, M-7018R, M-7018Z, M-7019R,
RTD M-7015, M-7015P
Thermistor M-7005
Strain Gauge M-7016
Analog Output M-7022, M-7024, M-7024R, M-7024L, M-7028
Analog Input M-7017RMS
DI/DO DC Digital Input M-7041, M-7041P, M-7041-A5, M-7046, M-7051,
M-7052, M-7053
AC Digital Input M-7058, M-7059
DC Digital Output M-7043, M-7045, M-7045-NPN
DC Digital Input & Output M-7050, M-7055, M-7055-NPN
Relay Output Power Relay Output M-7060, M-7060P, M-7061, M-7064, M-7065,
M-7067, M-7068, M-7069
Solid State Relay Output M-7065B
Photomos Relay Output M-7066P
Others Counter/Frequency M-7080, M-7080B, M-7084, M-7088
Multi-Function M-7002, M-7003, M-7024U, M-7026
tM Remote I/O Module AI/AO Voltage & Current tM-AD2, tM-AD5, tM-AD5C, tM-AD8, tM-AD8C
Thermistor tM-TH8
DI/DO DC Digital Input tM-P8
DC Digital Output tM-C8
DC Digital Input & Output tM-P4A4, tM-P4C4
Relay Output Power Relay Output tM-P3R3, tM-R5
Photomos Relay Output tM-P3POR3
Others Multi-Function tM-DA1P1R1, tM-AD4P2C2
(P)ET-7000 Remote I/O Module AI/AO Voltage & Current (P)ET-7017, (P)ET-7217, (P)ET-7017-10,
Thermocouple (P)ET-7018Z, (P)ET-7019, (P)ET-7019Z,
(P)ET-7218Z, (P)ET-7219Z
RTD (P)ET-7015, (P)ET-7215
Thermistor (P)ET-7005
DI/DO DC Digital Input (P)ET-7051, (P)ET-7053, (P)ET-7251, (P)ET-7253
DC Digital Output (P)ET-7042, (P)ET-7242
DC Digital Input & Output (P)ET-7044, (P)ET-7050, (P)ET-7052, (P)ET-7055,
(P)ET-7244, (P)ET-7250, (P)ET-7252, (P)ET-7255
Relay Output Power Relay Output (P)ET-7060, (P)ET-7067, (P)ET-7260, (P)ET-7261,
Photomos Relay Output (P)ET-7065, (P)ET-7066
Others Multi-Function (P)ET-7002, (P)ET-7016, (P)ET-7024, (P)ET-7026,
(P)ET-7202, (P)ET-7224, (P)ET-7226
WISE-7000 Remote I/O Module AI/AO Voltage & Current WISE-7117
Thermocouple WISE-7118Z, WISE-7119
Transmitter WISE-7105
DI/DO DC Digital Input WISE-7151, WISE-7153
DC Digital Output WISE-7142
DC Digital Input & Output WISE-7144, WISE-7150, WISE-7152, WISE-7255
Relay Output Power Relay Output WISE-7160, WISE-7167
Others Multi-Function WISE-7102, WISE-7126
WF-2000 Remote I/O Module AI/AO Voltage & Current WF-2017
Thermocouple WF-2019
DI/DO DC Digital Input WF-2051
DC Digital Output WF-2042
DC Digital Input & Output WF-2055
Relay Output Power Relay Output WF-2060
Others Multi-Function WF-2026
LC Remote I/O Module DI/DO AC Digital Input LC-101, LC-103
DC Digital Input LC-131
Others Multi-Function LC-221
SC Remote I/O Module Others Multi-Function SC-4104-W1
DL Series Module Temperature / Humidity DL-10, DL-100
CO / Temperature / Humidity DL-301
CO2 / Temperature / Humidity DL-302
CO / CO2 / Temperature / Humidity DL-303
IR Series Module IR Learning Remote Module IR-210, IR-712, IR-712A, IR-712-MTCP
XV-Board DI/DO DC Digital Input XV110
DC Digital Output XV111, XV111A
DC Digital Input & Output XV107, XV107A
Relay Output Power Relay Output XV116
Others Multi-Function XV306, XV307, XV308, XV310, XV543
Modbus RTU/TCP Slave Module Coil Output / Discrete Input / Input Register / Holding Register
WISE-5236M-4GE     CR IIoT Edge Controller (Support 4G Communication; Frequency Band for EMEA, Korea, Thailand, India and Taiwan) (Metal Case) (RoHS)
  • NS-205 CR: Unmanaged 5-Port Industrial Ethernet Switch (RoHS)
  • MDR-20-24 CR: 24V/1A, 24 W Power Supply with DIN-Rail Mounting (RoHS)
  • DIN-KA52F CR: 24V/1.04A, 25 W Power Supply with DIN-Rail Mounting (RoHS)
  • 3LMSD-4000-1 CR: 4 GB microSD card (RoHS)