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Card Watchdog tính giờ (timer) có bảng đầu cuối và cáp 1 mét ICP DAS WDT-01

Intelligent Watchdog Timer Card

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Model: WDT-01
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Card Watchdog tính giờ (timer) có bảng đầu cuối và cáp 1 mét ICP DAS WDT-01

The WDT-01/WDT-02 are watchdog card that provides watchdog timer, temperature monitor and power monitor functions. It also provides many signals and mechanism such as relay control, reset signal, power-good signal that allow the user to control their system as soon as the errors are occurred. There are also many signals, such as IRQ, I/O status RS-232, LED, Buzzer, will tell the user or operator that some errors are occurred. Once the WDT-01 has been power on, it will monitor the power and the temperature of PC automatically. After the software enable the watchdog timer, the WDT-01 will monitor the operations of software and hardware in the most inexpensive cost with the excellent protections. The WDT-02 is an economical version of WDT-01.Refer to the following comparison table.

  • Watchdog Timer:
    Software programmable from 0.01 second to 167772.15 seconds.
  • Temperature Monitor:
    Precision:+-1°C;onbord 2 digital LED display; Warming temperature Setting:50°C,60°C,70°C or none.
  • Computer Power Monitor:
    PC Power +5V,External Power +12V
  • Transmit Message Includes:
    watchdog timer state,Temperature status,Current Temperature scale, External & PC power status…etc.
  • Power Required:
    1.External power:+12V,3W or 2.Internal power:+12V,3W
  • Printer-like I/O Interface:
    LPT0(3bch),LPT1(378h),LPT(278h)or User Define, only need 3 I/O ports
  • Output Signals:
Signal/Function WDT timeout Over Temperature Power failure
Reset Yes No No
IRQ Yes Yes No
I/O status Yes Yes Yes
RELAY Yes Yes No
TTL Yes Yes No
LED Yes Yes Yes
RS232 Yes Yes Yes
Buzzer Yes Yes Yes
  • WDT <=> Watchdog
    Power failure LED display only on terminal board.
  • 4 BIT TTL output:
    logic high:2.4Vdc min,source 400uA.
    logic low:0.5Vdc max,sink-10mA
    Two Relay for watchdog or temperature failure
    Contacts:FoRM c.
    Max switched current:1A 30V/dc
    Max switched voltage:120Vac/60Vdc
    Max carry current:1.25AC/DC
  • Output Signals:
WDT-01 WDT-02
Software driver Yes Yes
on-board 7-seg LED Yes No
Temperature measurement Yes No
on board buzzer Yes No
Relay output for watchdog alarm Yes No
Relay output for temperature alarm Yes No
Terminal board Yes No
Other Yes Yes
  • Program Example:
    WDT-01 is assigned to LPT2(278) I/O address.
    <CR>means Hexcode 0d
    The content of Set.da files:t=4<CR>s<CR>
    The content of End.da files:<CR>e<CR>
    <DOS command>
    type Set.da>1pt2
    (set the period of the watchdog timeout,and start counting)
    type End.da>1pt2(stop watchdog counting)
    Please note:If with DOS command
    Copy con LPT2
    the DOS will send<CR><LF>after press ENTER key.
    WDT-01 will not accept<LF>code.
  • Factory Automation
  • Product Test
  • Laboratory Automation
WDT-01 Intelligent Watchdog Timer card with terminal Board and 1 meter cable
Include :CA-0205(2-pin Black & Red Cable 0.5m); CA-2520(25-pin D-sub Cable 2.0m)
CA-0205 2-pin Black & Red cable, 0.5m
CA-2520 25-pin Male-Male D-sub flat cable, 2m