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Bộ lập trình nhúng màn hình ViewPAC OS MiniOS7 CPU 80186 dựa trên ngôn ngữ C ICP DAS VP-2111 CR

C Language Based ViewPAC with MiniOS7 and 3 I/O Slots

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Model: VP-2111 CR
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Bộ lập trình nhúng màn hình ViewPAC OS MiniOS7 CPU 80186 dựa trên ngôn ngữ C ICP DAS VP-2111 CR

ViewPAC combines iPAC, graphic display and keypad in one unit. It equips an 80186 CPU (16-bit and 80 MHz) running a MiniOS7 operating system, several communication interface (Ethernet, RS-232/485), 3 slots to expand I/O modules, STN LCD and a rubber keypad. Its operating system, MiniOS7, can boot up in a very short time (0.4~0.8 seconds). It has a built-in hardware diagnostic function, and supports the full range of functions required to access all high profile I-8K and I-87K series I/O modules, such as DI, DO, DIO, AI, AO, Counter/Frequency, motion control modules, etc. Compared with traditional HMI + PLC solutions, ViewPAC reduces overall system cost, space and gives you all the best features of HMIs and PLCs.

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Models VP-2111 VP-2111-TC
System Software
OS MiniOS7 (DOS-like embedded operating system)
Program Download Interface RS-232 (COM1) or Ethernet
Programming Language C language
Compilers to create.exe files TC++ 1.01 (Freeware)
TC 2.01 (Freeware)
MSC 6.0
MSVC++(before version 1.5.2)
CPU Module
CPU 80186 or compatible (16-bit and 80MHz)
Flash 512 KB (100,000 erase/write cycles)
Flash Disk 64 MB NAND Flash (100,000 erase/write cycles)
Dual Battery Backup SRAM 512 KB (for 5 years data retain)
EEPROM 16 KB (data retention: 40 years; 1,000,000 erase/write cycles)
NVRAM 31 bytes (battery backup, data valid up to 5 year)
RTC (Real Time Clock) RTC (Real Time Clock) Provide seconds, minutes, hours, date of week/month; month and year, valid from 1980 to 2079
64-bit Hardware Serial Number Yes
Watchdog Timer Yes (0.8 second)
Communication Interface
Ethernet Port RJ-45 x 1, 10/100 Base-TX (Auto-negotiating, Auto MDI/MDI-X, LED indicators)
COM 0 Internal communication with the high profile I-87K series modules in slots
COM 1 RS-232 (to update firmware) (RxD, TxD, and GND); Non-Isolated
COM 2 RS-485 (D2+, D2-; self-tuner ASIC inside); 2500 VDC isolated
COM 3 RS-232/RS-485 (RxD, TxD, CTS, RTS and GND for RS-232, Data+ and Data- for RS-485); Non-Isolated
MMI (Man Machine Interface)
LCD Type and Size STN, 128×64 Dot Matrix LCD
Text Font English + Simplified Chinese English + Traditional Chinese
Display Mode Text + Graphics
Rubber Keypad 24 keys
Buzzer Yes
LED Indicators 3 Dual-Color LEDs (PWR, RUN, LAN1, L1, L2, L3; L1~L3 for User Programmable)
I/O Expansion Slots
Slot Number 3 (For High Profile I-8K and I-87K Modules only)
Hot Swap * Will be available Yes (For High Profile I-87K Modules Only)
Data Bus 8/16 Bits
Address Bus Range 2 K for each slot
Dimensions (W x L x H) 182 mm x 158 mm x 125 mm
Weight 1.6 kg 1.1 kg
Ingress Protection Front panel: IP65
Operating Temperature -15 °C ~ +55 °C
Storage Temperature -30 °C ~ +80 °C
Ambient Relative Humidity 5% ~ 90% RH, non-condensing
Input Range +10 V ~ +30 V
Isolation 1 kV
Capacity 3 A, 5 V supply to I/O expansion slots
Consumption 6 W (0.25 A@24 V)
VP-2111     CR Standard ViewPAC with MiniOS7 and 3 I/O Slots (English + Simplified Chinese Version) (RoHS)
DP-660 24 VDC/2.5 A, 60 W and 5 VDC/0.5 A, 2.5 W Power Supply with DIN-Rail Mounting
MDR-20-24 24 VDC/1.0 A, 24 W Power Supply with DIN-Rail Mounting
MDR-60-24 24 VDC/2.5 A, 60 W Power Supply with DIN-Rail Mounting