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Tunnel Monitoring System

The security maintenance in a tunnel is a tough work and it is time sensitive. For it always requires to monitor a wide range of areas in the tunnel, if all monitoring jobs only rely on manual operations when a disaster happened, it might cause delays and lead to huge losses. WISE controller allows to connect to various I/O modules and is able to response to the emergency in real-time. In this case, the WISE controllers are installed in various segments in the tunnel and are connected to smoke/temperature sensors, warning lights, sprinklers, ventilation fans and other equipment. The logic rules that in response to emergency situations could be pre-set in WISE controllers, and when smoke and high temperature are detected, the fire fighting procedures will be triggered; the sprinklers will be automatically turned on to put out the fire; the ventilation fans will be started to take away the smoke; and will turn on the warning lights and open the security doors to guide people in the tunnel away from the emergency scene. The related information will be gathered in back-end control center, and will send out notification to all controllers in all segments of the tunnel for traffic control and management.


  • WISE controller allows to connect with ICP DAS I-7000 modules and Modbus RTU modules; therefore enables to control various I/O devices at the same time. Via RS-485, WISE is able to connect to remote I/O modules all over the place; offering flexible deployment options for on-site wiring.
  • WISE controller is equipped with IF-THEN-ELSE logic setting function. The logic Rules can be easily implemented via web page interface. And after the settings are completed, it allows to perform real-time monitoring for the on-site status and be able to immediately response to the emergency situations.
  • Support Modbus TCP / RTU Protocol, enables to connect with SCADA software in control center for data aggregation.

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