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ICP DAS PMMS (Power Monitoring and Management Solution ) includes: front-end on-site Smart Power Meter, Power Meter Concentrator, and back-end software tool for data management that fit customers’ needs. With these total solutions provided so that the user could easily check power data from their mobile phones or PC, and the administrator could set up the system quickly without complicated coding. Simply complete the settings through the web or software to perform power monitoring and data recording and then the user could fully understand the efficiency of the power usage and furthermore establish policies to achieve effective energy saving. During the early stage, if the scale is small, the user could simply use Smart Power Meter and PMC to set up a simple acquisition monitoring system, once the scale is expanded, the user could get the back-end software tool involved and build an easy-to-expand monitoring system via blocks stacked structure. By this way, the system will be highly flexible and could be implemented in phases to meet various requirements.

Power Series
PMC Power Meter Concentrator PMC-5151
PMD Power Meter Concentrator (with Touch Panel) PMD-4201 (10.4″), PMD-2201 (7″)
PM Smart Power Meter (Single Phase) PM-3033, PM-3112, PM-3114 Series
PM Smart Power Meter (3 Phase) PM-3112, PM-3114 Series
Related Device
True RMS Input Module M-7017RMS

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