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The PMD-2201 (Power Meter Concentrator with Display) offers an onsite display and a remote web page that can be used to display power information together with interfaces to configure the system settings. This helps those personnel in charge of the power monitoring system to view power consumption information from remote devices in real time via either the LCD touch panel or the web page. They can also quickly adjust the operations of the devices and the power meter parameters, significantly reducing the time and labor required when implementing a power monitoring system.


The PMD-2201 is a web-based intelligent Power Meter Concentrator developed by ICP DAS. It provides a web interface and features various functions, such as power data collection, onsite control, power demand management, a data logger, onsite and web page data display, and alarm notification functions. The PMD-2201 is an easy-to-use and easy-to-build total solution for power management and monitoring that makes more efficient use of energy.

For front-end devices, the PMD-2201 supports the standard Modbus TCP/RTU protocol that allows connections to ICP DAS Smart Power Meters, providing the ability to read the data measured by the remote power meters, and then record the power values in the data logger file in real time.

In addition to the ICP DAS M-7000 I/O modules, the PMD-2201 can also connect to standard Modbus TCP/RTU Slave modules. By working with the I/O modules together with its functions such as the IF-THEN-ELSE logic rule and alarm notification methods including the Email/SMS/SNMP Trap, the PMD-2201 can not only provide well-considered power demand management functions, but can also can perform load shedding when overall power consumption of the equipment exceeds the set warning value.

For back-end systems, the PMD-2201 provides an FTP send-back mechanism that can be combined with a PMC Data Server or SCADA (Indusoft) software, that allows the power data to be integrated and analyzed. In addition, the PMD-2201 also supports the standard Modbus TCP/RTU Slave and SNMP protocols to transmit real-time information. This means that the manager can quickly review the status of the devices and perform statistical analysis of the power information via the SCADA/IT/MIS system in the Central Control Center, enabling a more efficient energy usage and dramatically reducing costs.



  • Provides 7″ Touch Panel for onsite system configuration and power data display operations
  • Provides a remote connection using a browser for system configuration and power data display operations
  • Supports up to 24 ICP DAS Modbus Power Meters and 8 Modbus I/O modules
  • Displays real-time power data, historical power data, power data statistics reports and a Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) report, etc.
  • Provides a power data recording function and automatic data file transmission and recovery when a disconnected network is resumed
  • Embedded IF-THEN-ELSE logic engine and Email/SMS/SNMP Trap message transmission function
  • Power demand management and alarm notification
  • Provides a Schedule and Timer function for I/O modules operations (devices)
  • Supports Modbus TCP/RTU for seamless integration with SCADA systems
  • Supports standard SNMP protocols to acquire real-time power information from each remote device.
  • Supports the PoE (Power over Ethernet) function

PMC/PMD Function Comparison Table:


The PMC/PMD series of products are easy-to-use, reliable and multi-functional. With a PMC/PMD series product, you can freely choose the most suitable device to meet your specific requirements. PMC/PMD series products provide more efficient power management and monitoring functions that will significantly reduce the time and labor spent in developing a power monitoring and management system. Refer to the PMC webpage or ICP DAS for more detailed information about PMC products. Click the link below to learn more:

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