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Card PCI bus 2 kênh đầu ra cách ly (AO) ICP DAS PISO-DA2U CR

Universal PCI, 2-channel Isolated Analog Output Board

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Card PCI bus 2 kênh đầu ra cách ly (AO) ICP DAS PISO-DA2U CR

The PISO-DA2U has 2 analog output channels with high-voltage isolation protection and provides universal PCI interface (3.3 V/5 V). The PISO-DA2U is fully compatible with the PISO-DA2, and users can replace the PISO-DA2 by the PISO-DA2U directly without software/driver modification.

The built-in high-quality isolation components on the PISO-DA2U make it featuring 3750 VDC bus-typed and channel-channel isolation, and offer durable abilities. For the PISO-DA2U, the voltage output ranges are +/-10 V, +/-5 V, 0~+10 V and 0~+5 V and the current output ranges are 0 ~ 20 mA and 4 ~ 20 mA. In addition, the PISO-DA2U also features the following advantages by ICP DAS’s innovation:

  1. 1. Accurate and easy-to-use calibration:
    ICP DAS provides the software calibration instead of the manual calibration so that no jumpers and trim-pots are required anymore. The calibration data can be saved in the EEPROM for long-term use.
  2. Channel to channel configuration:
    Each channel can be individually configured as voltage or current output with different output range.
  3. Card ID:
    ICP DAS provides the card ID function for PISO-DA2U. Users can set a card ID for each card so that when more than two boards are used in a computer at the same moment, users can still instantly recognize them one by one.

PISO-DA2U supports a wide range of operating systems like Linux, DOS, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows NT and Windows XP 32-Bit. Moreover, ICP DAS provides all the DLL and Active X for users, and sample programs covering from Turbo C++, Borland C++, Microsoft C++, Visual C++, Borland Delphi, Borland C++ Builder, Visual Basic, C#.NET, Visual Basic.NET and LabView are also provided for intuitive and fast learning!

  • High speed data acquisition system.
  • Harsh environment operation.
  • Signal isolation.
  • DOS Lib and TC/BC/MSC sample program (source codes included)
  • DLL and OCX SDK for Windows 98/NT/2000
  • DLL and OCX SDK for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows XP/2003/2008/7/8/10.
  • VB/VC/Delphi/BCB/VB.NET/C#.NET/VC.NET/MATLAB sample programs with source codes.
  • LabVIEW toolkit for Windows.
  • Driver for Linux.
Analog Outputs
Isolation Voltage 3750 VDC (Bus Type, CH-to-CH)
Channels 2
Resolution 12-bit
Accuracy 0.015% of FSR ± 1/2 LSB @ 25 °C, ± 10 V
Output Range Voltage: +/-10 V, +/-5 V, 0 ~ 10 V, 0 ~ 5 V
Current: 0 ~ 20 mA, 4 ~ 20 mA
Output Driving +/- 5 mA
Slew Rate 0.15 V/μs
Output Impedance 0.1 Ω max.
Operating Mode Software
Bus Type 5 V PCI, 32-bit, 33 MHz 3.3 V/5 V Universal PCI, 32-bit, 33 MHz
Data Bus 8-bit
Card ID No Yes(4-bit)
I/O Connector Male DB9 x 2
Dimensions (L x W x D) 170 mm x 122 mm x 22 mm 189 mm x 98 mm x 22 mm
Power Consumption 1350 mA @ +5 V
Operating Temperature 0 ~ 60 °C
Storage Temperature -20 ~ 70 °C
Humidity 5 ~ 85% RH, non-condensing
PISO-DA2U     CR Universal PCI, 2-channel Isolated Analog Output Board (RoHS)
Includes two CA-PC09M D-Sub connectors
CA-PC09M 9-pin Male D-sub connector with plastic cover.
CA-0920 9-pin Male-Male D-sub cable, 2 M
DB-8425 Provided for easy wire connection with the controlled device or equipment