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Module thu thập dữ liệu tốc độ cao 8 kênh đầu vào tương tự, 4 kênh đầu vào số, 4 kênh đầu ra số ICP DAS PET-7H16M CR

Ethernet High Speed Data Acquisition Module with 8-ch AI, 4-ch DI, 4-ch DO and PoE

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Model: PET-7H16M CR
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Module thu thập dữ liệu tốc độ cao 8 kênh đầu vào tương tự, 4 kênh đầu vào số, 4 kênh đầu ra số ICP DAS PET-7H16M CR

The PET-7H16M is an high speed data acquisition devices built-in a Ethernet communication port for data transfer over the network and it includes eight high speed 16-bit single-ended analog inputs (200 KHz sample and hold for 8 channels), 4-channel digital inputs and 4-channel digital outputs. It provides programmable input range on all analog channels (±5 V and ±10 V), digital output can be set output with Short-circuit protection and overload protection. The counter value of 4-channel Low-speed DI counters and 1-channel High-speed counter are latched by ADC sampling time synchronously.

PET-7H16M also has qualification for 4 kV ESD protection as well as 2500 VDC intra module isolation. In addition, the 16-bit ADC includes built-in anti-aliasing filtering to adjust the appropriate sampling rate and filter out modulator and signal noise. The PET-7H16M is not only suitable for a wide range of mobile/portable measurement applications, but also for precision signal measurement.

1. High speed acquisition via Ethernet

Ethernet has many advantages such as standard reliability, easy installation, long transmission distance and fast transmission speed. Its openness and popularity are not only widely used in the integration of IT, enterprise and field, but also become the mainstream specification for industrial communication.
At present, most of the high-speed synchronous data capture systems are mostly collected by a computer host with data capture cards. When the number of channels increases, more data is needed to capture the card. If the devices to collect data are distributed across multiple sites, you will need to increase the number of computer hosts. At this time, the PET-7H16M/PET-7H24M is used instead of the configuration of the computer and data capture card. The data collected from different sites can be transmitted to the central monitoring computer through the network, which can greatly reduce the complexity and time cost of the built wiring, and has the advantages of real-time monitoring. Of device status and centralized data management. The module can be used for continuous data acquisition, high-speed interval acquisition, and simultaneous acquisition with multiple channels. The maximum acquisition speed of each AI channel can exceed 100 kHz. It is suitable for high-speed data acquisition of various mechanical, electronic and physical signals in industrial production, automatic control, electrochemistry, medicine, etc.

2. Temperature, vibration, strain high speed measurement application

The SG-3000 Series Signal Conditioning Module can be connected to a variety of sensors for current, voltage, thermocouple, resistance temperature sensor (RTD), strain gauge (Strain Gauge), accelerometer Different input signals such as (IEPE Accelerometer) are filtered, isolated, amplified, and converted into an analog voltage or current output in the general measurement range. PET-7H16M/PET-7H24M plus SG-3000 series signal conditioning module will not only monitor voltage, current, temperature, strain, vibration and other diversified signals, but also collect real-time data from different regions and transmit it to the central management system via Ethernet.

Models SG-3011/H SG-3013 SG-3016 SG-3227
Channels 1 2
Signal Thermocouple RTD Strain Gauge IEPE Signal Conditioner
Type J, K, T, E, R, S, B, N, C, L, M, L2 Pt100
±10 mV, ±20 mV, ±30 mV, ±50mV, ±100mV IEPE Current: 2 mA, 4 mA, 6 mA, 10 mA ± 5%
AC Signal Gain: 1, 10, 100 ± 2%
High Pass Filter: 10 Hz
Low Pass Filter: x1, x10 : 80 kHz; x100 : 50 kHz
Analog Ouput
Channels 1 2
Signal 0 ~ 10 V, 0 ~ 20 mA 0 ~ 5 V, 0 ~ 10 V,
0 ~ 20 mA,
4 ~ 20 mA
±5 V, ±10 V,
0 ~ 5 V, 0 ~ 10 V,
0 ~ 20 mA
AC Couple: ±10 V,
DC Couple: 1~28 V
Applications 。HVAC/Air conditioning control
。Petrochemical industry
。Electronic/semiconductor equipment
。Water treatment equipment
。Pot/heating industry
。Hot pressing mold
。VOC Combustion control
。Corrosive temperature measurement
。Air/oil pressure machine
。Solar production equipment
。Desalination equipm2ent
。Vehicle material research
。Equipment construction
。Boat, bridge structure
。Building structure monitoring
。Building structure
。Equipment safety detection
。Mechanical vibration measurement
。Structural vibration analysis measurement
。Vibration reduction test
。Machine rigidity test

For more information, please go to the following web page.

3. High voltage and high current high speed measurement application

DN-800 series is a Voltage Attenuator and Current Transformer designed for used in high-voltage and high-current applications. The high-voltage and high-current can be converted into ±10 Vpp attenuated signal, and PET-7H16M/PET-7H24M is able to read the ±10 VDC signals via DN-800 series.
By using DN-800 series and PET-7H16M/PET-7H24M, the power data of all kinds of machines and AC/DC motors can be high-speed measured and retrieved, and then the analyzed data can be quickly used to develop a model to build a failure warning system.

Models Input Channel Input Type Input Range CT Type Cable Output

DNM-831I-100V-50A 1 x Voltage, 1 x Current AC/DC ±100 Vpp, ±50 A Clip-on Ø21 mm 1.5 m/2.5 m ±10 Vpp
DNM-831I-100V-200A ±100 Vpp, ±200 A
DNM-831I-100V-500A ±100 Vpp, ±500 A
DNM-831I-100V-1000A ±100 Vpp, ±1000 A Clip-on Ø40.5 mm 1.5 m
DNM-831I-100V-2000A ±100 Vpp, ±2000 A

DNM-844-50A 4 x Current ±50 A Clip-on Ø21 mm 1.5 m/2.5 m
DNM-844-200A ±200 A
DNM-844-500A ±500 A
DNM-844-1000A ±1000 A Clip-on Ø40.5 mm 1.5 m
DNM-844-2000A ±2000 A
DN-843VI-600V 3 x Voltage ±600 Vpp
DN-848VI-10V 8 x Voltage ±10 Vpp
DN-848VI-80V ±80 Vpp
DN-848VI-150V ±150 Vpp
DN-843I-CT-1 3 x Current ±1 A Solid Core (Closed) ±1.6 Vpp
DN-843I-CT-10 ±10 A ±10 Vpp
DN-843I-CT-20 ±20 A
DN-843I-CT-50 ±50 A ±4 Vpp

For more information, please go to the following web page

OS Windows 7/8/10 and Linux
Protocol TCP Streaming (Access data by SDK library)
Modbus TCP
Utility Configuration, graphically display and data logging
SDK Windows
。Microsoft VC, C#, VB.NET SDK API and Demo
。Python Demo
。NI LabVIEW Toolkit and Demo
。C/C++ library and Demo
。.NET library and Demo
。Python Demo
EMS Protection
EFT (IEC 61000-4-4) ± 4 kV for power
ESD (IEC 61000-4-2) ±4 kV contact for each terminal , ±8 kV air for random point
LED Indicators
Status 1 x System, 1 x Ethernet, 1 x PoE
External Clock/Digital Trigger
Counter 32 bits Max. Count, 30 kHz Max. Input Frequency
Trigger Type Falling edge
Trigger Pulse Width 1.5 µs Min.
ON Voltage Level +5 ~ 5.5 VDC @ 15 mA
OFF Voltage Level < 0.8 VDC
Analog Input
Channels 8 Single-ended (Simultaneously)
Range Bipolar Input (Programmable): ± 10 V, ± 5 V
Resolution 16-bit
Accuracy 0.05 % of FSR
Sampling Rate 200 kS/s (Each channel)
FIFO Size 2 k samples
Trigger Mode Programmable: Software/External clock trigger/Digital trigger (Post-trigger/Pre-trigger/Delay-trigger), Analog threshold trigger
Synchronous Input Yes
Digital Input
Channels 4
Type Wet Contact
Sink/Source (NPN/PNP) Sink/Source
ON Voltage Level +5 ~ +30 VDC
OFF Voltage Level 1 VDC Max.
Isolation 2500 VDC
Digital Input/Counter
Channels 4
Max. Counts 32-bit
Frequency 1 kHz Max.
Digital Output
Channels 4
Type Isolated Open Collector
Sink/Source (NPN/PNP) Sink
Load Voltage +5 ~ 30 VDC
Load Current 100 mA
Overload Protection 1.3 A
Short-circuit Protection Yes
Isolation 2500 VDC
Ports 1 x RJ-45, 10/100 Base-TX (Auto-negotiating, Auto MDI/MDI-X)
PoE Yes, IEEE 802.3af, Class 2
Security ID, Password and IP Filter
Protocol Modbus TCP Slave,
Private TCP Raw Data
Reverse Polarity Protection Yes
Consumption 2.6 W (Max.)
Powered from Terminal Block +12 ~ 48 VDC
Casing Metal
Dimensions (mm) 76 x 120 x 38 (W x L x H)
Installation DIN-Rail, Wall mounting
Operating Temperature -25 ~ +75 °C
Storage Temperature -30 ~ +80 °C
Humidity 10 ~ 90% RH, Non-condensing
PET-7H16M     CR  PoE Ethernet High Speed Data Acquisition Module with 8-ch 16-bit Simultaneously Sampled AI, 4-ch DI, 4-ch DO (RoHS)