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Parking Area Guiding System

As the numbers of vehicles increasing year by year, parking becomes a global issue especially in dense urban area. In addition to providing adequate number of parking spaces, it’s also crucial to optimize the use of parking spaces by guiding drivers quickly finding vacant spaces within a parking facility.

ICP DAS WISE controller, together with the I-7055 digital I/O modules distributed all over the parking facility, offer a total solution that is perfect for large-scale parking facilities. With help of sensors and lights installed on each space, the system will guide drivers directly to the vacant parking spaces signified by auto-lighting flashing light. In addition, with DI Counter function, it is capable of producing occupancy statistic, trend and flow rates, etc., for analyses and reports. WISE also support Modbus TCP; the I/O information received by on-site controllers will be transmitted to control center in no time, therefore, achieves real time monitoring and remote management for entire parking facility.


  • WISE controller features IF-THEN-ELSE logic Rule Engine that enables implementing logic configuration via Web Page just a few clicks away, no programming is required.
  • Support Modbus TCP Protocol that enables seamless integration with SCADA software.
  • WISE controller is equipped with schedule function that enables automatically shut down equipment to save electricity during off-hours or at any scheduled time.
  • I-7000 Series I/O modules features distributed control, expandable and simple wiring; it is especially suitable for large-scale systems.

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