New Product Release: PMD-2206 & PMD-4206 Power Meter Concentrator with Touch Panel Display

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ICP DAS WISE family now has new members: PMD-2206 & PMD-4206. The PMD-2206/PMD-4206 inherit all the features of PMD-2201/PMD-4201, and the major difference between PMD-2206/PMD-4206 and PMD-2201/PMD-4201 is PMD-2206/PMD-4206 supports Instant Message sending with WeChat. The WeChat message sending function can be triggered by IF-THEN-ELSE rules, and the content of WeChat message could be a preset string with real-time Power meter data and I/O channel data.

PS. An Enterprise WeChat account in China is required for PMD-2206/PMD-4206 to send the messages to the members under the enterprise WeChat account.

System Architecture:

  • No extra software tool is required! No more programming! Using browsers to perform system setting and logic rule edition
  • 7″ TFT LCD(PMD-2206) / 10″ TFT LCD(PMD-4206) with Touch Panel for the operation at the local side & PoE (Power over Ethernet) supported
  • Support at most “24 ICP DAS Modbus Power Meter modules + 8 Modbus I/O modules” (Max. total of 16 TCP type modules)
    ○ COM1 and COM2 interface can connect to Max. 16 Modbus RTU modules (include Power Meter & I/O Module) individually
    ○ LAN interface can connect to Max. 16 Modbus TCP modules (include Power Meter & I/O Module)
    ○ Support at most 4 ICP DAS PM-4324 series Power Meters
  • Display real-time or historical power data by browser or local display
  • Provide power data statistics report by browser
  • Provide data log operation for power data & I/O channel data. Provide data file auto send-back & recovery when disconnected network is resumed
  • Built-in IF-THEN-ELSE logic engine for power demand management
  • Provide alarm message notification via LINE, Messenger, Email or WeChat
  • Provide Schedule function for operations of devices
  • Support Modbus TCP/RTU, SNMP, MQTT and FTP protocols for seamless integration with IoT/SCADA/IT system
  • Support connection with IoT Cloud Platform (Microsoft Azure and IBM Bluemix); and ICP DAS IoTstar Cloud software
Supported Power Meter List:
  • Modbus RTU:PM-3112 / PM-3114 / PM-3133 / PM-3033 / PM-4324 series
  • Modbus TCP: PM-3112-MTCP / PM-3114-MTCP / PM-3133-MTCP / PM-3033-MTCP / PM-4324-MTCP series

For more detail information, please visit the following links:
● PMD-2206 Webpage:
● PMD-4206 Webpage:
● ICP DAS Energy Management Solution:
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