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Phần mềm tiện ích ICP DAS NAPOPC. CAN DA Server

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Model: NAPOPC. CAN DA Server
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Three steps, easy to test


Support 8 Test Functions


“VxCAN” driver is the developed by the ICP DAS. By using the “VxCAN” driver, the users can easily integrate different interfaces of CAN devices like RS-232/CAN converter、Ethernet/CAN、USB/CAN converter, and PCI series CAN board. The “VxCAN” driver will receive the CAN message and send the CAN message on your demand. The users need not develop the socket or serial COM functions before using Ethernet/CAN or RS-232/CAN converters. The “VxCAN” driver has already done. The “VxCAN” driver can reduce the complexity of the application code. For example, if the users have no idea to develop the socket program, they still can use the Ethernet/CAN converter to complete a stable control system by using the “VxCAN” driver. The users can spend most of the time on their application but not on the CAN converter.

When “VxCAN” starting, it will detect all CAN devices in the users’ PC and assign a “VxCAN port” number. The users can image the “VxCAN port” as the COM port. The only difference is that the “VxCAN port” is a CAN port mapped to the CAN devices. If the users do not change the CAN devices in their PC, the “VxCAN port” number would not change. There is an example below.