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Phần mềm phát triển ICP DAS MiniOS7 Studio

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Model: MiniOS7 Studio
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About MiniOS7 Studio

MiniOS7 Studio packs everything you need. Take advantage of the IDE, and MiniOS7 Studio will impress you so much.

MiniOS7 Studio offers an Integrated Development Environment for our customers. With MiniOS7 Studio, users can solely focus on developing programs, enjoy his/her own independent projects and most importantly, get fully support from ICP DAS.

MiniOS7 Studio simplifies the steps for developing the program

Full libraries for uPAC series and iPAC series are included in the MiniOS7 Studio. Users can choose the specific type of controller, complier, library, and even many other options from the window before the project started. After all the customized settings are done, users can immediately own his/her exclusive space in preparation for amazing productivity.

Set your own workshop

With a built-in browser, users can not only serf the internet for solutions but find necessary documents, demos, and manuals, if needed.

Find everything you need here

The newly added file view window makes project management more efficient and user-friendly.

ICP DAS preserves lots of self-defined hot keys for our users. Besides, ICP DAS also takes universal standard for common functions, like F1=help, F4=repeat, F5=hi, Ctrl+D=dict, Ctrl +W=code_snippet, etc. Syntax highlighting is another feature that makes programming with C and C ++ languages much more fast and easily.

MiniOS7 Studio integrates more than 6 programs and complete ICP DAS support in a single window. In MiniOS7 Studio, users can directly write codes, compile them, debug them, and afterwards upload the EXE file to the controller; the best part is that the EXE file will automatically run on the controller once the uploading is done. Thanks to the MiniOS7 Studio, developing a program becomes the most interesting part for the programmer, just like having a magic wand in your hand.

Seamless integration with controllers

MiniOS7 Studio is born for the following controllers. iPAC-8000 series, I-8000 series, uPAC-7186 series, I-7188 series, IVIEW-100 series.