Hệ thống tự động hóa giám sát không gian công cộng (Trung tâm âm nhạc Cao Hùng – Đài Loan)

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Hệ thống tự động hóa giám sát không gian công cộng (Trung tâm âm nhạc Cao Hùng – Đài Loan), Public Space Monitoring – Kaohsiung Music Center (Taiwan)

In this scenario, our reliable remote I/O modules, the M-7051D-G and the M-7045D-NPN-G connected to the on-site monitoring devices. Then the PDS-782D and PDS-720, Serial-to-Ethernet Device Server, were employed to transmit the data acquired from the I/O modules and/or other devices via RS-485 or RS-232 interfaces. Finally, those data can be sent to a SCADA system through Modbus TCP. The Modbus protocol, which is openly published and royalty-free, together with InduSoft, HMI/SCADA software, the integration of an electricity system, firefighting equipment, a lighting control system, public security and the water supply can be accomplished easily. Consequently, ICP DAS can create a highly stable, extensible, and smart control center.


The Kaohsiung Music Center, which is located from Pier-11 to Pier-15 in Kaohsiung Harbor, is a music hall situated in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, the second-largest city in the country. With an area that covers about 29.3809 acres, the main venue is able to accommodate an audience of up to twelve thousand people in the Live Outdoor Plaza. Moreover, it includes a Live Performance Hall that has a seating capacity of 6,800, six small performance venues, each with a seating capacity ranging from 200 to 1,000, a pop music exhibition hall, an aquatic culture exhibition center, a ferry pier, plus water parks, bike lanes and creative culture markets.

In the early stages, the central control systems were only limited to software interfaces from the surveillance equipment, and each was separate and fragmented, that is to say, the personnel in the control center needed to set up a lot of different items in order to perform any monitoring activities. In contrast, our solution provides an overall integration approach to the central control which includes lighting, HVAC, security, electricity, firefighting, electromechanical devices, as well as the management of the water supply, including disposal and wastewater, etc.

In order to enhance the level of public safety and energy efficiency at this site, it was intended to implement a smart environmental monitoring solution developed by ICP DAS for the purpose of the control conditions in real time. Additionally, the system scheduling for the water control as well as an On/Off switch was designed to help maintain the effectiveness of the safety and environment protection.

Photo Credits:The Kaohsiung Music Center

ICP DAS Public Area Monitoring Solution Tailored for the Kaohsiung Music Center

The central monitoring system is primarily aimed at the systematic management and control of the lighting, HVAC, security, electricity, firefighting and electromechanical devices, such as the water supply, water disposal, wastewater management, etc.

We assisted our clients by developing a top-down central monitoring solution. Signals from the front-end power meters, water supply, plumping equipment, firefighting equipment, public security equipment, and lighting equipment can precisely integrate a network connection to SCADA software via the reliable M-7000 series I/O modules in combination with programmable device servers (PDS 700 series). Therefore, the control center is able to remotely monitor all the equipment, and transfer the collected data to the relevant databases in order to implement in-depth analysis and management.

The following is an illustration of the system architecture:

The explanation of the integration for the five monitoring systems is as follows:

The on-site lighting control, fire pump and pool water level were monitored by the M-7051D-G modules, and there were around 40 pumps, 10 pools and 5 water tank covers on the site, meaning that there were around 100 tag signals in total.

Then the M-7051D-G modules are able to not only monitor the operation of meters, but also detect nearly 100 emergency switches, together with the M-7045D-NPN-G that was installed to connect to nearly 30 flash horns as on-site alerts. Moreover, the ICP DAS Modbus PDS series module is able to convert the Modbus RTU to the Modbus TCP protocol.

Finally, all the data can be integrated into the InduSoft SCADA system to ensure the effectiveness of the central monitoring system.

The monitoring interface is shown below:

Monitoring Interface -1
Monitoring Interface -2
Monitoring Interface -3

Benefits Provided to this Project by Implementing the ICP DAS Solution


The central monitoring system ensures that each system operates in the most ideal conditions, meaning that any unusual cases can be immediately resolved when they occur. Additionally, the effectiveness of the whole system can be boosted through data recording and analysis.

To enhance the quality of the indoor environment and ensure people feel safe when they visit the Music Center, we continue our mission of providing safety and responsibility to the people of Kaohsiung. Consequently, we must provide high-profile industrial products to satisfy the demands for management control of lighting, HVAC, safety, power, firefighting and wastewater. Additionally, we assist customers in solving issues related to large-area wiring and equipment maintenance based on the user-driven design. Ultimately, we have been able to satisfy the management processes related to monitoring public areas.

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