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23/03/2020 Case study 345 viewed
  • 480 batteries , some power & security equipment of a telecom company
  • 40 Ch. (10 pcs. I-87013) temperature , 480 Ch. (60 pcs I-8017H) voltage & about 50 D/I signals to be measured
  • All measured data are gathered by 13 I-8817.
  • An “OPC server” running under windows 2000 requests all data from these 13 I-8817 through the RS485 Modbus network and this “OPC server” can be connected by some remote HMI software (Iconics).
  • Battery temperature & voltage are sent to two I-8817 through Fbus (controller to controller data exchange).
  • Two touch monitors (Touch 506) are settled beside these two I-8817 to read out temperature & voltage through the RS232 Modbus.

  • Alarm system of manufacture facility of Me??? Display Tech. Ltd.
  • No PC & Touch monitor.
  • About 100 D/I (9 pcs. I-8051)signals are collected from the facilities.
  • About 110 D/O Ch. (7 pcs. I-8056) to control the LEDs on the display panel
  • One I-8817 & two I-8417 are used to acquire all D/I signals and sent to one another I-
  • 8817 to display and ring.


  • Alarm & lighting system of So?? Department store.
  • Three I-8417 are used.
  • Many I-7000 remote I/O modules to collect D/I & A/I signals.
  • Some Modbus Power meter to get the power data and sent to one I-8417.
  • Two HMI-software PCs.
  • One LED Display panel showing some important message.

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