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Saltec / Altamira Iron Ore Mining Facility Application Story

Recently, Saltec SA, an international leader in large scale surveying equipment, and industrial contracting solutions, has chosen to implement ICP DAS embedded controllers at the Altamira iron
ore mining facility, in Southern Chile. Saltec has chosen to implement a series of ICP DAS I-7188XGD ISaGRAF powered embedded controllers. In this particular application, Saltec has implemented the I-7188XGD modules to control railway safety functions for the mining facility’s ore transport system. By using ICP’s I-7188XGD modules, Saltec is able to monitor and control an emergency “run-away track”, in the event of a brake failure of any of the facility’s locomotives. The I-7188XGD itself, is a robust member of ICP DAS’s family of compact embedded controllers. The module is powered by a 40MHz AMD CPU, with 512Kb of static RAM, and 512Kb of flash memory. The module also features: a real time clock, battery back up, optional 10BASE-T Ethernet port, remote configuration diagnostics, and 14 user defined I/O lines. The specific controllers used by Saltec are utilizing a proprietary version of ISaGRAF control software; enabling them to
function redundantly as reciprocal fail safes, ensuring consistent and dependable safety on the facility’s ore transport system. Saltec was elated with ICP’s abilities to produce a product which was able to withstand the harsh exposure of the elements, while offering phenomenal control and reliability in a PLC. Being that the I-7188 series embedded controllers are rated to operate between -25ºc and 75ºc, they are able to withstand the ever-changing ecosystem of southern Chile. Saltec also mentioned that they were impressed with the level of technical support ICP DAS provided, when initially setting up the dual redundancy safe guard function. By implementing ICP DAS embedded controllers; Saltec made the Altamira Iron Ore Mining Facility a safer and more efficient establishment.

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