Module I/O RS-485 Modbus RTU Tiny ICP DAS tM

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Module I/O RS-485 Modbus RTU Tiny ICP DAS tM

RS-485 I/O Modules Overview

RS-485 I/O modules comparison table

Our RS-485 remote I/O module supports DCON protocol, Modbus RTU/ASCII protocol. According to the different applications, we have developed various RS-485 I/O modules. The module has diversified I/O interface, such as overvoltage-protection analog input module, relay output, digital input/output, counter, timer…etc.

We also provide different ODM modules.

The brief comparison is as the following table:

Model Name tM series I-7000 M-7000 M-2000 M-6000
Protocol DCON, Modbus RTU, Modbus ASCII DCON DCON, Modbus RTU
Data Format (N, 8, 1), (N, 8, 2), (O, 8, 1), (E, 8, 1) (N,8,1)  (N, 8, 1), (N, 8, 2), (O, 8, 1), (E, 8, 1)
Max. Nodes 32 256
Bias resistor Yes, 10 KΩ No (Note1)
Dual Watchdog Yes, Module (2.3 second),
Communication (Programmable)
Yes, Module (1.6 second), Communication (Programmable)
DIO max. channel 8 16 32
AIO Resolution 12/14 bits 12/16 bits
Max. channel 8 (tM-AD8) 20 (I-7017Z, M-7017Z) 16 32
Individual Channel Configuration Yes
Power and Communication LED Yes
I/O Status LED Yes (for D version only) Yes
7-Segment LED Yes (for D version only)
Dimensions (W x L x H)
(Units: mm)
52 x 98 x 27 123 x 72 x 35 33 x 117 x 88
31 x 157 x 132
116 x 120 x 64
237 x 134 x 59
Note1: The RS-485 master is required to provide the bias. Otherwise, the tM-SG4 or SG-785 should be added to provide the bias.
All ICP DAS controllers and converters provide the bias.


The tM series is a family of network data acquisition and control modules, providing digital I/O functions. The modules can be remotely controlled through an RS-485 serial bus by using DCON and Modbus RTU protocols. The selectable transmission speed of the RS-485 port is up to 115,200 bps. Modbus has become a de facto standard communications protocol in industry, and is now the most commonly available means of connecting industrial electronic devices. This makes the tM series perfect integration with the HMI, SCADA, PLC and other software systems.The functionality of the tM series is the same as the M-7000 series. The tM series tiny RS-485 I/O modules support various I/O types, like photo-isolated digital input, relay contact, photoMOS relay, and open-collector output.The tM series provides dual watchdog: module watchdog and host watchdog. The module watchdog is designed to automatically reset the microprocessor when the module hangs. The host watchdog monitors the host controller (PC or PLC), and the output of the module can go to predefined safe value state when the host fails.

For maximum space savings, the tM series is offered in an amazing tiny form-factor that makes it can be easily installed in anywhere, even directly embedded into a machine. It is equipped with two removable terminal block connectors for easy wiring.


  • Cost-effective remote I/O modules
  • Supports Modbus RTU and DCON protocols
  • Isolated Digital Input and Output
  • RS-485 bus supports baud rate up to 115200 bps
  • Dual-watchdog with power-on and safe value
  • Terminal block connector for easy wiring
  • Tiny form-factor and low power consumption
  • RoHs compliant with no Halogen
  • Made from fire retardant materials (UL94-V0 Level)
  • Easy DIN-Rail mounting


  • Factory, Building and Home Automation
  • Remote Diagnostics and Management

Selection Guide

Analog I/O

Analog I/O

Model AI
Channel Voltage &
Current Input

2 0 ~ 500 mV,
0 ~ 1 V, 0 ~ 2.5 V, 0 ~ 5 V, 0 ~ 10 V,
0 ~ 20 mA, 4 ~ 20 mA

5 ±1 V, ±2.5 V, ±5 V, ±10 V

±20 mA, 0 ~ 20 mA, 4 ~ 20 mA

8 0 ~ 500 mV,
0 ~ 1 V, 0 ~ 2.5 V, 0 ~ 5 V, 0 ~ 10 V

0 ~ 20 mA, 4 ~ 20 mA



Multifunction I/O

Model AI AO DO DI Relay Output
Channel Voltage &
Current Input
Channel Voltage &
Current Output
Channel Type Channel Type Channel Type

1 0 ~ 10 V,
0 ~ 20 mA,
4 ~ 20 mA
1 Wet Contact 1 Power Relay

(2 x Voltage,
2 x Current)
±1 V, ±2.5 V,
±5 V, ±10 V,
±20 mA,
0 ~ 20 mA,
4 ~ 20 mA
2 Open Collector 2

Digital I/O

Digital I/O

Model DI DO
Channel Type Sink/Source
Channel Type Sink/Source

4 Wet Contact Sink (NPN) 4 Open Collector Source (PNP)

Source (PNP) Sink (NPN)


8 Wet Contact Sink/Source


Relay I/O

Model Relay Output DI
Channel Type Max. Load Current @ 25°C Channel Type Sink/Source

3 Power Relay 5 A/channel 3 Wet Sink/Source

Dry Source (PNP)


3 PhotoMOS Relay 1 A @ 80 V 3 Wet Sink/Source
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