Remote Intelligent RS-485 Modbus RTU & RS-485 DCON ICP DAS I/O Expansion Unit

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Remote Intelligent RS-485 Modbus RTU & RS-485 DCON ICP DAS I/O Expansion Unit

DCON Based I/O Expansion Unit

DCON protocol is a request/reply communication protocol for the I-7000/8000/87K series I/O modules. It defines a simple ASCII format protocol, like $AAN, $AASi6, #AAN, .., etc.

Remote Intelligent RS-485 I/O Expansion Unit

RU-87Pn series is a remote intelligent RS-485 I/O expansion unit that used to expand I-87K series I/O modules over the RS-485 for industrial monitoring and controlling applications. .

Model Auto Configuration Hot Swap RS-485 Max. Baud Rate I/O Slot
RU-87P1 Yes Yes 1 115200 bps 1
RU-87P2 2
RU-87P4 4
RU-87P8 8


RS-485 I/O Expansion Unit

The unit only equipped one power module, one RS-485 interface and several I/O slots. It is used to expand I/O modules via the RS-485 interface. Only I-87K and m-87K series I/O modules can plug in the unit.

Model RS-485 Interface I/O Expansion Slot
Baud Rate Distance Isolation Communication Protocol Auto Configuration Hot Swap Slot Number
I-87K4  115200 bps Max. 1.2 km (4000 ft.) Max. 3000 VDC DCON Protocol (ASCII Format) 4
I-87K5  5
I-87K8  8
I-87K9  9

Modbus Based I/O Expansion Unit

Modbus is very wide known protocol in the industrial manufacturing and environment monitoring fields. It is suit master-slave or query-response distributed I/O applications. The unit is pre-installed a Modbus firmware.

Therefore PC, HMI or PLC can use Modbus/TCP and Modbus/RTU protocol to communicate with I/O modules in the unit via the RS-232/485 or Ethernet interface.Besides the slave I/O functionality, it is also a c language based programmable controller that equipped a DOS-like OS (MiniOS7). Users can use C compilers that can create 16 bit executable file (*.exe) to develop a program then download it to the controller. That let the controller work stand alone.

For more information, please go to the following web page.

Modbus Protocol

There are two free charge version compilers (Turbo C 2.0 and Turbo C++ 1.01), we suggest users to use the Turbo C++ 1.01.

Using the software development toolkits that we provide can customize the firmware. The SDK provides rich functions for Modbus communication, such as Modbus/TCP master/slave, Modbus/RTU master/salve, Modbus/ASCII master, etc.


Modbus RTU I/O Expansion Unit

The iP-8000-MRTU series is a serial I/O expansion unit with Modbus protocol. It supports most of high profile I-8K and I-87K series I/O modules. SCADA and HMI software can easily access variant I/O signals via the unit.
Model CPU SRAM Flash EEPROM Ethernet RS-232/
I/O Slot
iP-8411-MRTU 80186 or compatible, 16-bit and 80 MHz 512 KB SRAM, 512 KB Dual battery backup SRAM 512 KB 16 KB 4 4
iP-8811-MRTU 8
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