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Module đếm/tần số 2 kênh ICP DAS I-87082-G CR

2-ch Counter/Frequency Input Module

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Model: I-87082-G CR
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Module đếm/tần số 2 kênh ICP DAS I-87082-G CR
The I-87082 offers 2 high speed counter or frequency input channels and 2 digital output channels. Two types of digital input are provided, one for isolated input, and the other is for nonisolated input. The isolated input provides 3750 Vrms isolation voltage and the non-isolated input provides programmable threshold voltage level. The built-in digital filter is valid for both non-isolated and isolated input and can filter out noise where the high/low pulse width is smaller than the minimum high/low width of the digital filter. The maximum count is up to 32-bit and the maximum frequency is up to 100 kHz. The module also provides programmable alarm output with non-isolated open collectors.
CPU Module
Watchdog Timer Yes, Module (1.6 Seconds), Communication (Programmable)
Intra-module Isolation 3750 Vrms
LED Indicators
Status 1 x Power and Communication
8 x I/O
Digital Output
Channels 2
Sink/Source (NPN/PNP) Sink, Open Collector
Load Voltage +5 VDC ~ +30 VDC
Max. Load Current 30 mA
Counter/Frequency/Encoder Input
Channels 2
Type Counter or Frequency
Counter/Encoder Bits 32-bits (4,294,967,295)
ON Voltage Level Sensor Type:
+3.5 VDC ~ +30 VDCNon-isolated:
0 ~ +5 VDC (Default > 2.4 VDC)
0 ~ +5 VDC (Default < 0.8 VDC)
OFF Voltage Level Sensor Type:
+1 VDC Max.Non-isolated:
0 ~ +5 VDC (Default > 2.4 VDC)
Max. Counter/Frequency 100 kHz
Frequency Accuracy 1 Hz or 10 Hz (software selectable)
Programmable Alarm Mode Mode 0:
High Alarm Comparator on Counter 0 and Counter 1Mode 1:
Two Steps High Alarm Comparator on Counter 1
Digital Filter 2 ~ 65000 μs
Counter Mode Up
COM Ports
Baud Rate 115200 bps
Data Format N, 8, 1
Protocol DCON
Consumption 0.9 W Max.
Dimensions (mm) 31 x 116 x 88 (W x L x H)
Operating Temperature -25 ~ +75 °C
Storage Temperature -30 ~ +75 °C
Humidity 5 ~ 95% RH, Non-condensing
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