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Module 8 kênh đầu vào tương tự (AI) ICP DAS I-8017H CR

8-ch AI Module

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Model: I-8017H CR
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Module 8 kênh đầu vào tương tự (AI) ICP DAS I-8017H CR

The I-8017H is a 8 differential input Analog Input Module.
This 8 differential input channels are provided with 14-bit of resolution and 90 kS/s sampling rate. Each channel can be confi gured to an individual input range of ±10 VDC, ±5 VDC, ±2.5 VDC, ±1.25 VDC or ±20 mA. The modules also provide ±4 kV ESD protection as well as 2500 VDC intra-module isolation. All the three modules can be used to measure voltage and current source. On the I-8017H, an external 125 Ω resistor is needed to measure current source.

• High speed data acquisition system
• Process monitor and control
• Vibration analysis
• Digital pattern generator from digital I/O port

Intra-module Isolation 2500 VDC
EMS Protection
ESD (IEC 61000-4-2) ± 4 kV Contact for Each Terminal
LED Indicators
Status 1 x Power and Communication
16 x I/O
Analog Input
Channels 8-ch Differential
Range Voltage: ±10 VDC, ±5 VDC, ±2.5 VDC, ±1.25 VDC
Current: ±20 mA, Requires Optional External 125 Ω Resistor
Resolution 14-bit
Sampling Rate Single Channel Polling Mode: 100 kS/s
Single Channel Interrupt Mode: 50 kS/s
8 channel Scan Mode: 16 kS/s
Input Impedance 20 K, 200 K, 20 M (Jumper Selectable)
Individual Channel Configuration Yes
Consumption 2 W Max.
Dimensions (mm) 31 x 116 x 88 (W x L x H)
Operating Temperature -25 ~ +75 °C
Storage Temperature -40 ~ +85 °C
Humidity 10 ~ 90% RH, Non-condensing
I-8017H     CR  8-ch AI Module with 16-Pin Terminal Block (Current Input Mode: Requires Optional External 125 Ω Resistor) (Blue Cover) (RoHS)