Các hệ thống HVAC (sưởi ấm, thông gió và điều hòa không khí)

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The HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems are varied from appearance to structure. To provide a full-functioned HVAC system for used in intelligent control applications, it is necessary to provides total solution in both software and hardware in order to meet various requirements from wide-range applications such as: air-cooled chillers, steam boilers or other large equipment, as well as cold or hot pumps to send in/out water, and air-handling unit for regulation & circulate air. The commonly used intelligent air conditioning software usually provides soft logic development kit that is IEC 61131 compliance. In addition, the backend SCADA software are also used in various HVAC systems.

DL/CL (Data Logger) Series
Temperature/Humidity DL-100T485(-W), DL-100TM485(-W) …
CO/CO2/Temperature/Humidity DL-301, DL-302, DL-303, DL-307
CO2/Temperature/Humidity/PM2.5 CL-211, CL-212, CL-213
SC Series
Smart Control Module SC-4102-W5, SC-4104-W1, SC-6104-W5 (FCU)
PIR Series
PIR Motion, Temperature Module PIR-130
IR Series
IR Learning Remote Module IR-210, IR-712A, IR-712-MTCP
IR Controlled Power Relay Module IR-310-RM
TouchPAD Series
TPD 2.8″/4.3″/7″ HMI Device TPD-280-H, TPD-283-H, TPD-430-H, TPD-433-H, TPD-703…
VPD 3.5″/4.3″ HMI Device VPD-130-H, VPD-132, VPD-133-H, VPD-142-H, VPD-143-H…
XV-Board DIO, Relay Output, Multi-Function Expansion Card
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