Các câu hỏi thường gặp của giải pháp quản lý và giám sát năng lượng (PMMS: Power Monitoring and Management Solution)

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Q 1 : Is there any Demo Page for reference?
A 1 :
  • The Demo Page IP of PMC is:http://rd3demo.icpdas.com
    Password for administrator: Admin
    Password for general users: User
  • The Demo system simulates connecting to 4 Power Meters.
  • At most 1 Administrator and 5 Users are allowed to login in to the system at the same time.
Q 2 : Can I modify the image of the logo on PMC/PMD web page?
A 2 : The logo can be changed via PMC Utility.
Q 3 : Do you support power meters other than ICP DAS power meters?
A 3 : For there are a wide range of power meters in the market that features different functions and specifications. You can give us the specification of the power meter(Modbus Address Table), we will let you know whether the customized service is feasible or not.
Q 4 : How often will the power data be recorded? Will the space of the SD card included in the PMC/PMD package enough for data recording?
A 4 : Using PMC/PMD as an example:

  • The shortest Log Interval for data recording is 1 min; the longest Log Interval is 24 hours.
  • The Log File Retention Time for keeping the power data of PMC/PMD is 1/2/3/6 month(s).(Before firmware version v3.1.0)
  • The SD card included in the PMC/PMD package is 4G.
  • If the PMC/PMD is connected with 24 power meters (the maximum number it can connect to), the Log space required for one day is about 15 MB.


  • The power data stored may be kept on PMC/PMD up to 6 months. Assume it is connected with the maximum allowed 24 power meters, and record the data every 1 min (the shortest Log Interval), it will only use up to about 3GB. Therefore, under general condition, the space of the SD card should be plenty enough.
  • It is recommended to enable the data send back function; the power data on the PMC/PMD will be sent to the control center via FTP at scheduled time (every 5 minutes ~ 24 hours).
Q 5 : Issues related to IP settings
A 5 : A:PMC/PMD now supports static IP and DHCP.(DHCP is supported for firmware version 3.1.0 or higher)
Q 6 : Can I modify the Web Server Port?
A 6 : It can be modified by users directly.
Q 7 : What method is used for forecast demand calculation(Rolling or Synchronous?)
A 7 : PMC/PMD use Rolling to calculate forecast demand.
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