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Module Ethernet Modbus TCP điều khiển Motion 6 trục (6-axis) tốc độ cao ICP DAS ET-M8196F

Ethernet Remote Unit with High-speed 6-axis Motion Control Module

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Model: ET-M8196F
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Module Ethernet Modbus TCP điều khiển Motion 6 trục (6-axis) tốc độ cao ICP DAS ET-M8196F

The ET-M8196F is a compact remote motion control device which uses Modbus TCP as its communication protocol. The ET-M8196F acts as a server in a Modbus TCP network and supports all standard Modbus function codes defined by the Modbus TCP protocol. Nowadays many PCs have got limited PCI slots; therefore the ET-M8196F can be used to replace PCI motion control cards. The ET-M8196F has got two Ethernet ports which allow daisy chaining.

The motion controller of the ET-M8196F consists of an Ethernet communication module and a 6-axis motion control card. A digital signal processor (DSP) is the brain of the motion controller which calculates the commanded move trajectory and manages supervisory control by monitoring the limits and emergency stops to ensure safe operation. I/O control output (e.g. latch, compare, encoder counter etc.) is realized in a Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA).

The motion controller is suitable for general-purpose motion control applications. In additions to its wide speed range, this intelligent motion controller also has a variety of built-in motion control functions, such as 2- to 6-axis linear interpolation, 2- or 3-axis circular interpolation, helical interpolation, T/S-curve acceleration/deceleration, and automatic home search, etc.

In addition the ET-M8196F acts as an FRnet master and can control up to 128 digital outputs and 128 digital inputs. FRnet is a two-wire serial bus and has a scan
interval of 0.72 ms and it is specifically designed for easy and cost effective wiring. ICPDAS provides a large range of FRnet I/O terminal boards and modules.

System Specifications
Communication Ethernet
Communication Protoco Modbus TCP
Number of Axes 6 axes
Motion Control Type DSP Based
Pulse Output Rate 4 MPPS (Max.)
Pulse Output
A/B Pulse Yes
Command Type Pulse Command
Interpolation Linear Interpolation 2/6 axes
Circular Interpolation 2/3 axes
Helical Interpolation 3 axes
Continuous Interpolation 2/3 axes
Auto-Home Search Yes
Manual Pulse Generation
Profi le
Trapezoidal Curve Yes
S-Curve Yes
Ring Counter Mode Yes
Axis I/O
Switch Input
Home Yes
Near Home Yes
Limit (Positive/Negative) Yes
Emergency Yes
Latch Yes
Servo I/O
Input: INP, ALM, RDY Yes
A/B Pulse Yes
Up/Down Yes
Encoder Counter 32-bit
Encoder Counting Rate 12 MHz
Position Compare Trigger 4 MHz
Digital Input
Digital Input Channels Local 12 DI
Frnet Up to 128 DI
Digital Output
Digital Output Channels Local 3 DO
FRnet Up to 128 DO
Input Signal Filter Yes
I/O Isolation
(with daughter board)
2500 Vrms optical isolation
(with DN-8368)
Connector 68-pin VHDCI Connector
and 20-pin SCSI-II
Input Voltage +24V
Dimensions 65x125x121mm
Operating Temperature 0 ~ +60 °C
Storage Temperature -20 ~ +80 °C
Operating Humidity
Storage Humidity 5 ~ 90 % RH, noncondensing
Software Support
Windows Driver/DLL/Lib Windows XP/7/8/10
32/64 bit:
Visual C++ lib/DLL
C#, VB.Net DLL
Visual Basic 6.0
BCB 5.0, 6.0
Demo programs
Software Utility EzGo Utility
Macro Programming
ET-M8196F Ethernet Remote Automation Unit with High-speed 6-axis Motion Control Module
Note that parts with suffix “B” support electromagnetic brake output.
DN-8368UB Photo-isolated Universal Snap-on Wiring Terminal Board
DN-8368GB Photo-isolated General Purpose Wiring Terminal Board
DN-8368MB Photo-isolated Snap-on Wiring Terminal Board for Mitsubishi MELSERVO-J2 Servo Amplifier
DN-20M Manual-Pulse-Generator (MPG) and FRnet Input Board for PISO-PS600/VS600/PMDK (RoHS)
CA-MINI68-15 68-pin VHDCI to SCSI-II Connector Cable, Length 1.5 M
CA-SCSI20-M1/M3/M5 20-pin SCSI-II Male connector cable (for Mitsubishi J2 series motor), Length 1 M / 3 M / 5 M.
CA-26-MJ3-15/30/50(B) 26-pin HD D-Sub Male Cable for Mitsubishi Servo Amplifier, 1.5/3/5 M (for MELSERVO-J3/J4/JE Series)
CA-26-YSV-15/30/50(B) 26-pin HD D-Sub Male Cable for Yaskawa Servo Amplifier, 1.5/3/5 M (for Sigma II/III/V/7 Series)
CA-26-PA4-15/30/50(B) 26-pin HD D-Sub Male Cable for Panasonic Servo Amplifier, 1.5/3/5 M (for MINAS A4/A5/A6 Series)
CA-26-DAA2-15/30/50(B) 26-pin HD D-Sub Male Cable for Delta A2 Servo Amplifier, 1.5/3/5 M (for ASDA-A2 Series)
CA-26-DAB2-15/30/50(B) 26-pin HD D-Sub Male Cable for Delta B2 Servo Amplifier, 1.5/3/5 M (for ASDA-B2 Series)
CA-26-FFW-15/30/50 26-pin HD D-Sub Male Cable for Fuji Servo Amplifier, 1.5/3/5 M (for FALDIC-W and ALPHA5 Smart Series)
CA-26-TTA-15/30/50 26-pin HD D-Sub Male Cable for Teco Servo Amplifier, 1.5/3/5 M (for TSTA-A/A+ Series)