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Module 2 cổng Ethernet Modbus TCP 8 kênh đầu vào analog ICP DAS ET-2217CI CR

Ethernet I/O Module with 8-ch Analog Inputs

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Model: ET-2217CI CR
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Module 2 cổng Ethernet Modbus TCP 8 kênh đầu vào analog ICP DAS ET-2217CI CR

The ET-2217CI is a channel-to-channel isolated analog input module that includes 8 analog input channels. The module provides a programmable input range on all Analog Input channels (±1 V, ±2.5 V, ±5 V, ±10 V, 0 to 20mA, 4 to 20mA and ±20 mA). Each analog input channel can be configured for an individual input range, providing a high overvoltage protection of 120 Vdc and 50mA overcurrent protection at 110 VDC/VAC. Voltage and current input is software configurable.

The sampling rate of the ET-2217CI is adjustable and can be set to either fast(200Hz) or normal(10Hz) mode. It can be used to record voltage and current information, including the date and time stamps. Support is provided for common industrial protocols such as Modbus TCP, as well as the emerging machine-to-machine (M2M)/)IoT (Internet of Things) connectivity protocol – MQTT. The module also features per-channel open wire detection for 4 ~ 20 mA input and provides 4 KV ESD/EFT protection, 2 KV Surge protection, and 3000 VDC intra-module isolation and channel-to-channel isolation.

Factory, Building and Home Automation Remote Maintenance

Built-in Web Server Yes
CPU Module
CPU 32-bit ARM
Watchdog Timer Yes, Module, Communication (Programmable)
2-way Isolation Ethernet: 1500 VDC
I/O: 3000 VDC for Field-to-Logic
EMS Protection
EFT (IEC 61000-4-4) ±4 kV for Power Line
ESD (IEC 61000-4-2) ±4 kV Contact for Each Terminal
±8 kV Air for Random Point
Surge (IEC 61000-4-5) ±2 kV for Power Line
LED Indicators
Status Run, Link/Act
Real Time Clock Yes
Data Logger Yes, up to 320,000 records
Analog Input
Channels 8 Differential
Type Voltage
Range Voltage: ±1 V, ±2.5 V, ±5 V, ±10 V
Current: 0 to 20mA, 4 to 20mA (Software Configurable)
Resolution 16-bit
Accuracy Normal Mode: ±0.1% of FSR
Fast Mode: ±0.5% of FSR
Sampling Rate Normal Mode: 10 Hz (per channel)
Fast Mode: 200 Hz (per channel)
Input Impedance Voltage: 20 MΩ
Current: 135 Ω
Overvoltage Protection +120 VDC
Overcurrent Protection Yes, 50 mA at 110 VDC
Individual Channel Configuration Yes
Channel-to-Channel Isolation Yes, 3000 VDC
Open Wire Detection Yes, 4 to 20 mA
Ports 2 x RJ-45, 10/100 Base-Tx, Switch Ports
LAN bypass Yes
Security Password and IP Filter
Protocol Modbus TCP, Modbus UDP, and MQTT
Reverse Polarity Protection Yes
Consumption 5.4 W (max.)
Powered from Terminal Block +10 to +48 VDC
Casing Metal
Dimensions (mm) 33 x 176 x 130 (W x L x H)
Installation DIN-Rail mounting / Wall mounting (used with ASO-0015)
Ingress Protection Rating IP30
Operating Temperature -25 to +75 °C
Storage Temperature -30 to +80 °C
Humidity 10 to 90% RH, Non-condensing
ET-2217CI     CR Ethernet I/O Module with 2-port Ethernet Switch, 8-channel differential analog Inputs (RoHS)