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20/03/2020 AI & Machine Learning 917 viewed

Environmental Control – For ZigBee, DL, CL, PIR Series

Often a well-designed fire protection and alarm system must be able to perform and initiate the necessary actions in response to the emergencies and send notification to related personnel in real time. By using ICP DAS ZigBee wireless I/O pair-connection modules, when a fire signal is triggered, it is easy to build a fire alarm system that is able to achieve required linkage actions such as starting the exhaust equipment, turning on the escape route signs and notifying the related personnel, therefore is able to evacuate the building from the nearest exit immediately to reduce the effects of disasters.

ZigBee Series
Wireless ZigBee Converter ZT-2550, ZT-2570, ZT-USBC, ZT-CHK
Wireless ZigBee I/O Module ZT-2042, ZT-2053, ZT-2060, ZT-2055…
Wireless ZigBee Pair-connection ZT-2053-IOG, ZT-2055-IOG, ZT-2060-IOG …
DL/CL (Data Logger) Series
Temperature/Humidity DL-100T485(-W), DL-100TM485(-W) …
CO/CO2/Temperature/Humidity DL-301, DL-302, DL-303, DL-307
CO2/Temperature/Humidity/PM2.5 CL-211, CL-212, CL-213
PIR Series
PIR Motion, Temperature Module PIR-130
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