Thiết bị điện trong tòa nhà (Electrical Devices – For Touch, Remote I/O Series)

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The electrical devices in a building includes: HVAC, power monitoring, lighting, water supply & wastewater disposal, fire safety and access control, etc.. Usually fire safety system may require authorized license for control operations(information monitoring is allowed), while for other electrical devices, the control and monitoring operations can be done easily after the control sequences being clarified or verified by professional technicians. With the help of remote I/O, schedule operations and linkage actions, the maintenance costs can be dramatically reduced. And by using TPD series products, the operation status of the electrical devices can be shown in graphic, and make it easy for on-site monitoring /control and trouble-shooting operations.

TouchPAD Series
TPD 2.8″/4.3″/7″ HMI Device TPD-280-H, TPD-283-H, TPD-430-H, TPD-433-H, TPD-703…
VPD 3.5″/4.3″/7″ HMI Device VPD-130-H, VPD-132, VPD-133-H, VPD-142-H, VPD-143-H, VPD-173N…
XV-Board DIO, Relay Output, Multi-Function Expansion Card
Remote I/O Series
Remote I/O Module RS-485, Ethernet, CAN Bus …
Remote I/O Expansion Unit RS-485, USB, Ethernet, CAN, PROFIBUS Bus…
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