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ICP DAS provides “Data Logging” solutions for a variety of industry sectors, including the related applications of recording temperature, humidity, voltage, current, pressure, flow, etc. This solution uses the powerful and flexible software – ISaGRAF, and combines with the VP-2xW7 (ISaGRAF PAC, supports WEB HMI) and the I-87055W (8 DI, 8 DO high profile module with Counter) to provide you a simple, fast and accurate data collection experience.
Products: ISaGRAF Software + VP-2xW7 PAC + I-87055W I/O Modules

1. Remote monitoring, access and update the data through HMI
2. Security: password protection
3. Data exception Alarm
4. Modify the record interval (sample rate)
5. Save the data as variety of file formats (.txt , .csv , binary file)
6. Store the data in a MicroSD card
7. Upload the data to PC (By Web HMI or FTP)
8. Send data records by email

User can use the “WEB HMI” function that provided in the VP-2xW7 PAC to edit a proper HMI page, and setup the password to control the network security then user can use IE browser to remote monitoring, access and update the data, at the same time, save the data as many kinds of file formats. User can achieve the related setting about “Data Logging” by using ISaGRAF software and also can upload the data to PC or send email with attached data record to the central computer for further data analysis. For many years of signal measurements and data collection experience, ICP DAS will provide you with the best solution.

Please refer to the following links for more information:
ISaGRAF PAC Datasheet : sheet/data sheet.htm
ISaGRAF PAC Manual :
I-8K & I-87K high profile I/O modules :

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