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Model: DASYLab
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DASYLab is popular and an Easy-To-Use software in the Data Acquisition System with all kinds of interfaces to connect to the hardware, such as to the RS232, IEEE USB, Parallel port, ISA bus, PCI bus, and so on. Furthermore, a variety of functional modules for measurement and control are supplied by DASYLab. It takes just a few minutes to create your individual acquisition and analysis application with DASYLab. The most sophisticated acquisition and control tasks can be solved with DASYLab quickly and without any additional complexity programming tools. Due to the art-of-state, ICPDAS develop a series of driver for PCI, ISA and DCON series products. User can easily integrate the hardware and software in the loop of data acquisition, measurement and control system.
  • Easy-touse visual graphical programming evironment
  • Win32 application for Windows 98/NT/2000/XP
  • Fast data acquisition and display.
  • Supports various communications.
  • Supports more then 40 hardware companies DAQ drivers
  • Provides more than 90 function modules for measurement and analysis
  • Data Logger: With just one function module, DASYLab works as a high speed data logger, able to acquire data at speeds up to 1MHz storing them onto hard disk using the built-in disk streaming function.
  • Multi-channel Chart Recorder: Two function modules create a “paperless” multi-channel chart recorder with many options to adapt the displayed charts to your own needs.
  • Two-channel Oscilloscope: You can continuously monitor a signal with one of the many DASYLab Trigger modules.
  • Trigger Monitoring : You can continuously monitor a signal with one of many DASYLab trigger modules. The TTL-level output signals are usual in many control application or can simply control the data flow in the program.
  • Frequency Analyzer: Complex signal analysis is quickly configured using some of the Easy-To-Use function modules.
  • Frequency Maximum: If the maximum frequency in your frequency spectrum is of interest to you, just enlarge the DASYLab “Frequency Analyzer” with an additional Y/t chart module, Statistics module and a Digital Meter module.
  • Reference Curve Monitoring: DASYLab provides the Sequence Generator module, the Check Reference Curve module and the Digital Output module.
  • Communication: IEEE-Bus, DASYLab Net, CAN, RS232, USB, Parallel port, ISA bus, PCI bus, DDE, OPC, ODBC
  • Input/Output modules.
  • Data display modules: Y/t and X/Y-Charts, Status Display, Chart Recorder, List Display.
  • Signal analysis modules for electrical applications.
  • Supports almost PCI, ISA DAQ cards and DCON remote I/O modules of ICPDAS products

  • IEEE-Bus / RS232
    DASYLab uses the GPIB 488 to control up to 15 external devices. Each user is able to quickly design complex measurement tasks using the standard control command syntax. Many devices and instruments can communicate with the PC via the standard RS232 interface. The versatile RS232 modules can communicate with a wide variety of devices, parse their measurement data, and send control commands directly from the worksheet.
  • DDE
    DASYLab DDE input and output modules can now work as a DDE server or as a DDE client using all DDE link modes (hot link, warm link, cold link). The DDE input module is able to mark received data with a time stamp or synchronize it with other data sources. All data values are transmitted in ASCII format.
  • OPC Client
    DASYLab includes a state-of-the-art interface to the OPC (OLE for Process Control) Protocol. DASYLab uses DataSocket Import and Export Modules to communicate with any OPC Server on a network.
  • ODBC Read or Write
    With the ODBC Input and Output modules, DASYLab can exchange data with a ODBC capable data base. Another advantage is to write measured and calculated data directly into any data base. Because both modules are controlled by event driven action and use global strings and variables, DASYLab may automatically store complete experiments runs in the data base system.
  • DASYLab Net
    The powerful extension of DASYLab is able to communicate with and control remote copies of DASYLab Net.

    • Data exchange at rates up to 100 000 samples per second.
    • Remotely start, stop and load experiments, including simultaneous starts of several DASYLab Net systems.
    • Link to running measurements.
    • Uses the TCP/IP Protocol.
    • Use existing networks (Microsoft Network, Novell, DEC, etc.).
    • Runs under Win 95/98 and Windows 2000/NT.
  • Multi-channel Chart Recorder
  • Trigger Monitoring Application
  • Frequency Analyzer
  • Environment & Facility Monitoring
  • Industrial Control/Automation
  • Building Automation
  • Remote Data Acquisition
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DCON I/O Module ICP DAS I-7K/I-8K/I-87K I/O modules
Ethernet I/O Module ICP DAS Ethernet I/O modules
FRnet I/O Module ICP DAS FRnet I/O modules
ZigBee I/O Module ICP DAS ZigBee I/O modules
DCON Remotely I/O Modules (I-7000 Series)
DIO/Counter I-7041/42/43/44/50/52/53/60/63/65/67/80
Analog Input I-7011/11P/12/13/14/16/17/18/18P/33
Analog Output I-7021/22/24
PCI Bus DAQ Cards
Digital I/O PCI-P16R16/P16C16/P16OR16/P8R8, PISO-P32C32/P64/C64
Analog Input PISO-813
Analog Output PIO-DA16/DA8/DA4
Multi-function PCI-1002/1202/1800/1802/1602
ISA Bus DAQ Cards
Digital I/O DIO-D144/D96/D64/D48/D24, P8R8DIO/P16R16DIO, ISO-P32C32/P64/C64/730
Analog Input ISO-813, ISO-AD32
Analog Output A-626/628, ISO-DA16/DA8
Multi-function A-812/8111/821/822/823/826