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Phần mềm SCADA/HMI ICP DAS Creator

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Model: Creator
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Creator is a professional development toolkit for SmartView series to design HMI display. Creator can integrate several commonly used PLC communication protocols to shorten the development process. Also Creator can support rich objects and flexible editing tools that allowing easy navigation and adjustment of windows in software. Easy uploading and updating SmartView projects using Modbus TCP protocol is not stressful for field engineers.

In recent years, touch-controlled devices are getting more and more important in the trends of visualization in manufacture industry. Creator provide not only for the basic HMI display, but with built-in logic control (Macro) for different field requirements. Highly flexibility Datalog function can continuously record data and export data into CSV files. This make it easy for users to access files for subsequent on-site data analysis.

  • Supports commonly used PLC Communication Protocols
  • Easy to create HMI Projects without complex coding
  • Diversity range of HMI Objects and Functions, including:

  • Update Projects via Ethernet

  • Supports MQTT
MQTT is a publish-subscribe-based messaging protocol. An MQTT system consists of clients communicating with a server, often called a “broker”. A client may be either a publisher of information or a subscriber. Each client can connect to the broker. Integrating data from diversity applications based on a secure and reliable circumstances makes the IT person gets more familiar with OT structure. MQTT technical not only simplifies the development and maintenance of industrial application but also connects to the devices in the IoT Field more easily.
  • MQTT Features:
  • Rapid, Seamless Connectivity

Rapid, seamless connectivity of information with a single, robust and trusted messaging backbone for
dynamic heterogeneous environments

  • Secure, Reliable Message Delivery

Secure, reliable message delivery that preserves message integrity and minimizes risk of information loss.

  • High-performance Deployment

High-performance and scalable message transfer to meet the demands of today’s enterprise and beyond.

  • Simplified management and control

Simplified management and control for better control and usability.

  • Cost Effective

Cost effective of ownership by reducing cost of integration and accelerating time to deployment.

  • Supports Online/Offline Simulation
  • Supports Multiple languages (Traditional Chinese/Simplified Chinese/English)
  • Provides 36 Macro Commands for Logic Operations or Controls