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Phần mềm điện toán đám mây (IoT Clould) cho bộ điểu khiển IoT (WISE/PMC/PMD) – IoTstar, IoT Cloud Management Software for WISE/PMC/PMD Controllers – IoTstar

There’s no doubt that the IoT (Internet of Things) and Big Data are hot topics in today’s industrial applications. Remote management, storage, and analysis of the data from devices and sensors have become the key factors in fulfilling “IoT + Big Data” applications. IoTstar, the IoT cloud management software developed by ICP DAS can perform remote monitoring, configuration, and firmware updates for ICP DAS WISE/PMC/PMD controllers. It also provides remote data services for data collected from the I/O modules and sensors connected to WISE/PMC/PMD controllers. IoTstar is a great starting point for creating “IoT + Big Data” cloud applications.

IoTstar is a software application developed by ICP DAS for use in the remote monitoring and management of WISE/PMC/PMD controllers in a variety of industrial IoT applications. IoTstar offers a user-friendly and intuitive web-based interface that allows users to implement system settings with only a few clicks on the IoTstar web page, and no programming is required for system implementation.

After a Network connection is created between the remote WISE/PMC/PMD controllers and the IoTstar software via an Ethernet/4G Network, IoTstar can then communicate with the remote controllers so that you can configure the system settings, implement status monitoring functionality, and perform firmware updates, which work even if the controller is part of a Private IP Domain configuration environment, for example, located behind a Firewall or where you are using a Dynamic Virtual IP.

IoTstar – System Architecture

The IoTstar application can be installed on a standard PC platform and operates as a Private Cloud management system for WISE/PMC/PMD controllers. It can also be installed on a virtual machine(VM) platform based on Microsoft Azure, IBM Bluemix or Amazon AWS, etc., and functions as a Public Cloud WISE/PMC/PMD controller management system.

In addition to providing remote maintenance and firmware update services on WISE/PMC/PMD controllers, IoTstar can also be used to collect data from I/O channels as well as retrieving power data from I/O modules, sensors, and power meters that are connected to the WISE/PMC/PMD controller, then transmit this data to a database. IoTstar allows status queries and displays automation control and monitoring in a cloud environment.

By using SQL database commands, IoTstar can be combined with a wide range of cloud platform services and data analysis tools, such as Power BI or Google Data Studio, etc., or with a SCADA system to help quickly create “IoT + Big Data” Cloud applications, as well as significantly reducing the time and cost.

Main Functions:

  • No more programming. Use a browser to perform Remote Maintenance on WISE/PMC/PMD controllers and import data from WISE/PMC/PMD controllers into a database.
  • Can be installed on a VM using Public Cloud platforms, such as Microsoft Azure, IBM Bluemix or Amazon AWS, meaning that you can implement Public IoT Cloud solutions using IoTstar and WISE/PMC/PMD controllers.
Public IoT Cloud Solutions
  • Can be installed on a Windows 7/8/10 or Windows Server system, meaning that you can implement Private IoT Cloud solutions using IoTstar and WISE/PMC/PMD controllers.
Private IoT Cloud Solutions
  • Enables remote maintenance and firmware update functions on the WISE/PMC/PMD controllers via a user-friendly and intuitive web interface.
  • Collect historical and real-time data from WISE/PMC/PMD controllers, and import it into a database, which can then be modified using database management tools, as well as changing the status of the DO/AO channels on the sensors that are connected to the WISE/PMC/PMD controllers using SQL commands.

Note: IoTstar currently only supports MS SQL databases.

  • IoTstar can be integrated with common database servers such as MS SQL Server, and allows integration with a SCADA system, Microsoft Power BI, Google Data Studio, or a cloud service, meaning that data from the sensors and power meters can be directly displyed on your SCADA or BI system for Big Data analysis.
Data can be directly displayed on a SCADA/BI system
  • You can directly review data from the sensors and power meters via the built-in IoTstar web interface.
  • You can quickly set up the data pool for your IoT systems by receiving data from the sensors and importing it into a database through the IoTstar software, meaning that you can analyze data from the sensors with the analysis tools, determine the status of sensors, and take appropriate action in advance to prevent possible damage.

Why IoTstar?

By using the “IoTstar + WISE/PMC/PMD” solution, you can quickly build an IoT cloud system. The “IoTstar + WISE/PMC/PMD” concept can be applied to the monitoring and maintenance of remote machines, devices, facilities and environments.

The following provides and overview of the benefits of implementing the “IoTstar + WISE/PMC/PMD” solution:

IoTstar Bot Service (Supported LINE App)

The IoTstar Bot Service is an optional software package for IoTstar that provides two-way message interactions between LINE chat rooms and WISE/PMC/PMD controllers managed by IoTstar.

The IoTstar Bot Service offers an easier and more convenient mechanism for administrators to manage remote controllers using the LINE App, and is different from a traditional chatbot that accesses information or services by entering a text message, but provides a user-friendly interface that includes buttons and dialog menus to easily perform monitoring of remote controllers.

By using the IoTstar Bot Service, you can query the data from the I/O channels on the on-site I/O modules or power meters in real-time and are able to change the values for the DO/AO output channels at any time and from anywhere. The IoTstar Bot Service also provides functions that allows you to receive, store, and query event messages for system operation analysis. Controllers can be triggered to send event messages to the IoTstar Bot Service using IF-THEN-ELSE rules. After the IoTstar Bot Service receives the event messages, they will be sent to the relevant LINE users as a real-time alarm notification.


  • Monitor WISE/PMC/PMD controllers anytime and anywhere via the LINE App.
  • Query real-time data from the I/O channels and power meters and change output channels.
  • Efficiently browse the data from the I/O channels in real-time by grouping data.
  • Receive real-time event messages with text, pictures or videos when a WISE controller is operating in conjunction with an iCAM IP camera.
  • Review and query historical event messages.
  • Provides a secure and reliable communication mechanism between LINE and the WISE/PMC/PMD controllers.

Application Scenario

Cloud Monitoring and Maintenance of Machine, Facility and Environment

After building the IoT cloud monitoring system for the devices, facilities and environments using the “IoTstar + WISE/PMC/PMD” architecture, an administrator can perform a range of operations including remote monitoring of devices, configuration, and firmware updates at any time and from any location.

  • Web-based Cloud services that allow remote maintenance and firmware updates of the controllers, as well as the ability to review data from the sensors.
  • Query controller status and data information from the sensors via the LINE App on your mobile phone.
  • Import data from the sensors that are connected to the WISE/PMC/PMD controllers into a database for Big Data analytics.
Cloud monitoring and maintenance for machines/facilities
Cloud monitoring and maintenance for environment


With the rapid development of the Internet of Things(IoT), Big Data and Industry 4.0 applications, the remote management of controllers and sensors, as well as the access, storage and analysis of the data from the sensors, have become key factors in successfully building an IoT management system. Thanks to the IoTstar IoT cloud management software from ICP DAS, developers are now able to quickly construct the application architecture for an IoT system. IoTstar can also be used to achieve two-way access to remote WISE/PMC/PMD controllers, as well as the remote data integration of the sensors. No programming is required, and it only takes a few clicks in the web interface to configure the settings for the system. You can then build the data queries and review functions for the monitoring and control system on the cloud.

In addition, IoTstar supports a standard database interface that can be seamlessly integrated with back-end cloud platform services or data analysis tools, such as SCADA, Power BI, and Google Data Studio, significantly reducing the time and cost when building a cloud monitoring system.

For more information about IoTstar, refer to the ICP DAS IoTstar Web Page at:

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