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Casino Machine with Battery Backup Provided by PCI-M512U


How serious could the damage be when a sudden power failure happens? Imagine that you are playing a casino machine and are winning more than 10,000 dollars. You begin to think of how to use your unexpected windfall. Now you can even buy a new yacht! A power failure happens suddenly just at the moment you want to press down the cash out button. The screen becomes dark and the machine shuts down. All your winning disappears!! Now you get nothing but misery, pain and frustration.

But wait a minute! After the power resumes, the machine restarts and all your big-money-win record was safely kept! You’re so lucky that the machine equips with ICP DAS PCI-M512U, which ensures the persistence of data even in the case of total power loss! Hurry up! Press the cash out button now and become the WINNER and the happiest taxpayer! Power failure happens every 3 hours in Las Vegas, owing to huge power consumption. Now you understand which machine to play with next time!

PCI-M512U equips not only a 512KB SRAM for data store, but also two Li-batteries to maintain the data in the event of power failure. These Li-batteries can supply power continuously for the SRAM to retain the important data for almost 10 years; and the two-battery design makes it safe to replace new batteries without losing data. Besides, PCI-M512U also has plenty of DI/O ports for connecting with the devices of the machine. Especially for those industries with high risks of power failure, PCI-M512U is the best choice for winning customers’ trust!

Features of PCI-M512U:

  • 512K bytes SRAM
  • 32-bit Memory Access
  • 16-bit I/O Access
  • 12-channel D/I
  • 16-channel D/O
  • Two Li-batteries
  • Universal PCI

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