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Thiết bị ghi dữ liệu Can Bus 2 cổng ICP DAS CAN-Logger200 CR

2-port CAN Bus Data Logger Device

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Model: CAN-Logger200 CR
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Thiết bị ghi dữ liệu Can Bus 2 cổng ICP DAS CAN-Logger200 CR

The CAN-Logger200 are high-performance intelligent CAN bus data logger device with one/two CAN port that can help to make data collection and to process on a CAN bus network easier and quicker. The powerful CPU of the CAN-Logger devices provide the accurately time-stamp for each CAN message and supports storage media like SD or SDHC type flash for saving these CAN messages that is useful to analysis and diagnostic the CAN Bus network. In order to enhance the portability of the CAN-Logger200, this module is powered by the USB interface or M12 connectors of CAN bus interface. The CAN-Logger devices use the standard USB HID driver of the Windows system.

  • Control System
  • Building Automation
  • Factory Automation
  • Distributed data acquisition
  • Compatible with CAN specification 2.0 parts A and B
  • 2500 Vrms photocoupler isolation on the CAN side
  • Full compatible with the ISO 11898-2 standard
  • Supports CAN bus acceptance filter configuration
  • Max. CAN data flow for a single channel is 15000 fps
  • Programmable CAN bus baud rate from 10 kbps ~ 1Mbps
  • USB 2.0 High Speed Compatibility
  • Supports 4 to 32 GB SDHC type flash for saving CAN messages
  • Built-in jumper for the 120 Ω terminal resistor of the CAN side
  • Power by the USB port or CAN port
  • 3 kV galvanic isolation for the CAN port
  • Provides a configuration utility that can be used to transmit/receive CAN messages
Model Name CAN-Logger100 CAN-Logger200
CAN Interface
Transceiver NXP TJA1042
Channel Number 1 2
Connector 5-Pin male M12 x 1
(Pin 1: F.G., Pin 2: +Vs, Pin 3: GND,
Pin 4: CAN_H Pin 5: CAN_L)
5-Pin male M12 x 2
(Pin 1: F.G., Pin 2: +Vs, Pin 3: GND,
Pin 4: CAN_H Pin 5: CAN_L)
Transmission Speed (bps) 10 k, 20 k, 50 k, 100 k, 125 k, 250 k, 500 k, 800 k, 1 M and user-defined baud rate
Terminal Resistor DIP switch for the 120 Ω terminal resistor
Isolation 3000 VDC for DC-to-DC, 2500 Vrms for photocoupler
Specification ISO-11898-2, CAN 2.0A and CAN 2.0B
CAN Filter Configuration Utility tool
USB Interface
Connector USB Type B x 1
Compatibility USB 2.0 High Speed
Max. Data flow Transmit: 4000 fps ; Receive: 1000 fps
Software Driver Windows 2K/XP/7/8/10
Data Logger Capability
Storage Media SDHC type flash – support 4 to 32 GB
Recording Format Binary
Time Stamp 10 us
Configuration Utility tool
Data Logger Maximum message rate, receive: 15000 msgs/s
Trigger Log continuously
Round LED Power, MS, SD, CAN1, CAN2, CAN_ST LEDs Power, MS, SD, CAN_Rx, CAN_Tx, CAN_ST LEDs
Power supply USB power or CAN bus power (Unregulated +10 ~ +30 VDC) delivery
Protection Power reverse polarity protection, Over-voltage brown-out protection
Power Consumption 0.1A @ 24VDC
Installation Wall Mount
Casing Metal
Dimensions 102.0 mm x 102.0 mm x 44.0 mm (W x L x H)
Operating Temp. -25 ~ 75 ℃
Storage Temp. -30 ~ 80 ℃
Humidity 10 ~ 90% RH, non-condensing

  • CAN 2.0A or CAN 2.0B specification selection
  • CAN Bus baud rate and acceptance filter configuration
  • Easy to transmit/receive CAN messages and check CAN Bus state
  • CAN Bus communication mode (normal and silent mode ) configuration
  • Data filter function for logged data
CAN-Logger200     CR 2-port CAN Bus Data Logger Device (RoHS)