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Terminal Resistor, 2MΩ ICP DAS CA-LLD-DC100X-TR

Terminal Resistor, 2MΩ

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Model: CA-LLD-DC100X-TR
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Terminal Resistor, 2MΩ ICP DAS CA-LLD-DC100X-TR

The liquids leaks detection cable is designed to detect liquid leaks over a wider area, and the path of the leak is not easily predetermined. It is ideal for open areas. The liquid leaks detection cable can be connected to the liquid supply and return lines directly. It is suitable for larger surface areas with multiple leak points.

The original detection cable CA-LLD-DC100-Lxxx for iSN-101/104 does not provide cable-break detection, and it cannot be connected in series. It is relatively inflexible in use. The following two new functions are provided when the original detection cable is connected with the CA-LLD-DC100X-TR terminal resistor.

1. Cable-break Detection
As long as the signal leader cable or the detection cable is broken, iSN-101/104 can know it instantly and output it to the alarm buzzer of iSN-101/104 simultaneously.

2. Combination of Multiple Detection Cables
The new detection cable has snap-in connectors at both ends, and multiple detection lines can be connected in series to extend the distance. The signal leader cable plus all the   detection cables can reach a maximum of 500 meters.

CA-LLD-DC100X-TR     CR  Terminal Resistor, 2MΩ (RoHS)