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Công cụ API M2M RTU

Management Firmware that supports G-4500 Series

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Model: API M2M RTU
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M2M RTU Library is a software tool package for M2M RTU products in ICP DAS. It provides the seamless connection to M2M RTU products (G-4500 RTU, GT-540…) of ICP DAS for the user-designed system. With the APIs in this library, programmer can access M2M RTU devices by public software development environments, like VC, VB, BCB, visual studio.Net… It is easy to integrate these GPRS RTU devices to various applications including real the remote data, database management system. Therefore, the Library can help users to apply the ICP DAS M2M RTU products in their applications to monitor the data and sends them out in real time to the control center through GPRS or Ethernet Network. Also, by combining a GPS (optional) with M2M GPRS RTU, they suddenly become a tracking system which you can often find out in the car system, marine system, etc.

Remote Control/Monitor System Car Monitor System
GIS system Redundant Communication System

RTU firmware
Management Firmware that supports G-4500 Series
Intelligent GPRS Remote Terminal Unit
5 dBi 4G External Antenna (Support 3G/4G)