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23/03/2020 Case study 269 viewed

Aximetrix ™ Utilizes ICP DAS Wincon Controllers

Aximetrix specializes in motion control technologies. Their technical staff utilizesservomotors, steppers, and servo hydraulic technologies in various applications including: CNC milling, motion base simulators, glue dispensing applications, and hydraulic presses. The motion control integration division requires modules that are compact. Using the Wincon8000, they are able to control a laser scanning system with two servo motor axes. The Wincon has a GUI interface that controls an X-Y scanning laser which is used to scan the surface of particular samples. The scan can then be uploaded into another software program for 3-D analysis. All of the servo control is done in software included with the Wincon8000. Rather than using a PC that would be connected to a PLC to control the system, the Wincon8000’s duality allows it to do both jobs with one controller. Additionally it also replaces the servo motor controller as well. This benefits Aximetrix by providing a system that is more cost effective and less bulky.

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