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Trang chủ » New Product Release: tNS-200GIN/tNS-200GIN-24V

New Product Release: tNS-200GIN/tNS-200GIN-24V

14/06/2019 Products News 3123 viewed
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New Product Release: tNS-200GIN/tNS-200GIN-24V

10/100/1000 Base-TX, PoE injector for 1 PoE port (uses spare pairs), +48/24 VDC input, PoE 30W.


The tNS-200IN/tNS-200GIN series Single Port PoE Injector supports PoE powered devices in industrial environments. The tNS-200IN/tNS-200GIN series delivers both data and power over a single standard Ethernet cable to a PoE Powered Device designed to receive both Data and Power through its RJ-45 port connector.
The tNS-200IN-24V/tNS-200GIN-24V is designed with +24 VDC to +48 VDC boost for PoE application where +48 VDC power supply is not available.


  • Auto-detection of PD (powered devices)
  • Over-temperature, over-current and over/under-voltage detection
  • No user settings No settings required
  • Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) operation
  • tNS-200IN series supplies up to 15.4W
  • tNS-200GIN series supplies up to 30W
  • Compact and space-saving design that fits DIN-Rail Mounting
  • Cost-effective

For more information, please viste: tNS-200GIN/tNS-200GIN-24V

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