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Building Automation

Hệ thống điều hòa không khí FCU (Fan Coil Unit)

20/03/2020 Building Automation
Architecture: Seamless Integation with BMS Unlike the commercially available thermostat that requires installation of network concentrator when integrating with the BMS (Building Management System) develop...

Thiết bị điện trong tòa nhà (Electrical Devices – For Touch, Remote I/O Series)

20/03/2020 Building Automation
The electrical devices in a building includes: HVAC, power monitoring, lighting, water supply & wastewater disposal, fire safety and access control, etc.. Usually fire safety...

Kiểm soát môi trường – Dành cho dòng ZigBee, DL, CL, Pir

20/03/2020 Building Automation
Environmental Control – For ZigBee, DL, CL, PIR Series Often a well-designed fire protection and alarm system must be able to perform and initiate the...

Giám sát năng lượng (Power Monitoring – For Power Series)

20/03/2020 Building Automation
ICP DAS PMMS (Power Monitoring and Management Solution ) includes: front-end on-site Smart Power Meter, Power Meter Concentrator, and back-end software tool for data management...

Giải pháp bảo mật tự động hóa tòa nhà (Security – For Touch, LC, PIR, ACS Series)

20/03/2020 Building Automation
ICP DAS Building Automation security solution integrates monitoring system and access control system that can be connected to central monitoring system via open-interface network. With...

Các hệ thống HVAC (sưởi ấm, thông gió và điều hòa không khí)

20/03/2020 Building Automation
The HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems are varied from appearance to structure. To provide a full-functioned HVAC system for used in intelligent control...

Điều khiển ánh sáng – Dành cho Touch, LC, SC, DALI Series

20/03/2020 Building Automation
Lighting Control – For Touch, LC, SC, DALI Series LC lighting control series targeted at load control which is different from the twisted-pair lighting control...

Giải pháp giám sát trung tâm

20/03/2020 Building Automation
Central Monitoring – For All Series The central monitoring/control system of ICP DAS building automation provides more than 200 commonly used protocols for communication and...

Giải pháp tự động hóa tòa nhà & tự động hóa nhà – Tòa nhà thông minh, Nhà thông minh

20/03/2020 Building Automation
Building Automation & Home Automation Solutions – Smart Building, Smart Home With the advance of the electronic technology and network communication technology, and with a...