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Unmanned Facility Room Monitoring System

Ngày đăng : 14:05:29 05-02-2016

Unmanned Facility Room Monitoring System

As the advance in science and technology development, the power system and the network system have become essential parts of modern life. No matter in the buildings, factories, or even outdoors, there are always control rooms with devices installed for power and network management and control. Due to the control rooms are always filled with all kinds of expensive devices and usually under high loading operations; the safety of access control, the monitoring of temperature and humidity, and power consumption management become important issues for the whole system.

WISE can be used for monitoring the lights-out control room. WISE allows to connect to ICP DAS I-7000 and Modbus RTU Slave modules; therefore it is able to connect with thermometer, hygrometer, air conditioner, warning devices and access control system. Logic for daily regular maintenance in the control room can be set on WISE, such as:

When the room temperature in the control room is getting too high and being detected, the air conditioning equipments will be turned on to reduce the heat, if the temperature still can’t be cooled down after a period of time, a real-time message notification will be sent to related personnel for further action.

Set up the rotation schedule for air conditioning devices to take turns operating to ensure the air conditioning devices won’t be damaged due to prolonged operation.

If an air conditioning device is damaged, it can be detected by the voltage variation via meter; once the air conditioning device is identified to be damaged, the back-up air conditioning will be turned on and will send out a notification to related personnel.

In addition, it allows to connect to WISE by SCADA software to perform the monitoring and control of the control room, data collection, and the power consumption of the entire control room can be statistically calculated in order to manage the electricity usage and cost.



WISE is able to connect with ICP DAS I-7000 modules and Modbus RTU modules, it allows to control more I/O ports and supports a wide variety of I/O devices. One WISE controller is enough to complete the monitoring of all devices in the control room.


WISE controller allows to set up logic rules for 24 hours control room maintenance and monitoring; provides immediate response to the emergency situation and saves manpower.


The two-way SMS communication capability of WISE enables to send message automatically to the related personnel, furthermore, the related personnel could send message to the WISE to remotely set up the output value for a specific channel.


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