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Phần mềm tiện ích MiniOS7 Utility

Phần mềm tiện ích MiniOS7 Utility

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  • Ngày đăng: 14/05/2016
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Mã sản phẩmMiniOS7Utility

Phần mềm tiện ích MiniOS7 Utility


MiniOS7 utility

MiniOS7 Utility is a tool for configuring, uploading files to all products embedded with ICP DAS MiniOS7.

Since version 3.1.1, the Utility can allow users remotely access the controllers (7188E,8000E, ...ect) through the Ethernet.



              * Supported connection ways
               1. COM port conection (RS-232)
               2. Ethernet connection (TCP & UDP) (Supported since version 3.1.1)

              * Maintaince
               1. Upload file(s)
               2. Delete file(s)
               3. Update MiniOS7 image

              * Configuration
               1. Date and Time
               2. IP address
               3. COM port
               4. Disk size (Disk A, Disk B)

              * Check product information
               1. CPU type
               1. Flash Size
               2. SRAM Size
               3. COM port number

Including frequently used tools
               a. 7188XW
               b. 7188EU
               c. 7188E
               d. SendTCP
               e. Send232
                f.  VxComm Utility

PC system Requirements
       1. IBM compatible PC
       2. Windows 95 /98/NT/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7

Supported products
       1. 7188XA
       2. 7188XB
       3. 7188XC
       4. 7188EX series
       5. All I-8000 series
       6. iView100
       7. ET-6000 series

Download location

  Open source code API
MiniOS7 APIs support programmer to send MiniOS7 command or upload file from host PC.
Programmer can integrate APIs into an application to let user set IP, update firmware and so on. User doesn’t need to install ICPDAS MiniOS7 Utility anymore.
Please refer to the link for the details.(English) (Chinese)
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